By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/20/2018
2 min
This site is one of the top visited attractions in Israel, the park encompasses a scale model of Israel. The model is not a small, simple or colorless creation but rather a large 1:25 scale model with miniature people, electric lights, moving elements, sound effects and all the famous landmarks of the Holy Land. If you aren’t going to be in Israel long enough to see the whole country then visit Mini-Israel to see everything from Mount Hermon in the north to Eilat on the Red Sea.

Mini-Israel is situated in Latrun, 20 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv just off the Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem highway. The park was opened in 2002 and took more than 100 craftsmen to create the park which was inspired by the famous mini-town in Madurodam, Netherlands. The park cost $20 million to create.  Mini-Israel is spread across 14.8 acres, there are more than 385 buildings, 25,000 7cm high miniature figures, 500 animals, 4,700 cars, 100 motorbikes, 14 trains, 3 helicopters, 32 airplanes, 175 water vessels and 230 trucks. 70,000 dwarf plants were used to create the rural areas and urban parks of Israel. The plants are placed according to the area where they really grow in Israel. Visitors can walk among mini-Israel along paths which are laid out in the shape of a Star of David.
Among the special effects in Mini-Israel you can see planes landing at Ben Gurion Airport, ships in the port of Haifa, fans cheering in the Jerusalem football stadium and see worshipers praying at the Western Wall. Six main areas of Israel have been brought to life: Tel-Aviv, Galilee, Negev, Haifa, Jerusalem and the center of the country. Mini IsraelVisitors can eat in the Mini-Israel restaurant; see a 3D MiniMax aerial movie of Israel’s most famous sites; visit the souvenir shop and rent an audio guide or motorized buggy to explore the site. Open hours vary throughout the year and admission is about $16. At Mini-Israel you can “see it all – but small” and see the whole country in a few hours.