Not a mountain in the true sense of the word, Mount Zion overlooks the Sultan’s pools to the SW and leads directly to the Zion gate in the north. Although not within the 16th century Old City walls, it was an integral part of biblical and Second Temple Jerusalem as shown by numerous sections of ancient walls.

In the Hebrew Scriptures Zion is a synonym for Jerusalem and it is not clear when and why this area becomes defined as Mount Zion. Well outside the precincts of the City of David, tradition has it that this is where King David was buried.

During the Second Temple period this was a more prosperous area and Church of Peter Gallicantu might well be built over the house of Caiaphas, the High Priest. An alternative tradition holds that the home of Caiaphas is under the Armenian church in the Armenian quarter.

Also on Mount Zion is the place of the Last Supper and the gathering of the disciples after the crucifixion (the Cenacle) and the Dormition Church, where Mary was assumed to heaven.

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