5 Ways to Get from Tel Aviv to Petra

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 8/1/2023

If you want to make the most of your trip to Israel then one of the great options is to include a side trip from Tel Aviv to Petra, Jordan. This UNESCO site and “World Wonder” is close enough to visit on a day trip from Tel Aviv. There are a number of ways to reach Petra, Jordan from Tel Aviv.

Ways to Get from Tel Aviv to Petra

By Guided Tour

1-Day Petra Tour from Tel Aviv: You can easily find a great day trip from Tel Aviv to Petra which includes flights between Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport to the new Ramon Airport near Eilat. Some tours from Tel Aviv to Petra do not include the half-hour flight which can be purchased separately.

If you take a tour with a flight, you'll be picked up from the Ramon Airport to the border, then across the beautiful Jordanian desert to Petra. After touring the Petra Archeological Park, you'll be taken back to Israel’s Ramon Airport and take the flight back to Tel Aviv. This is the best option if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to see Petra.

Petra Tour and Eilat from Tel Aviv: If you have a little more time to spare then instead of taking just a 1-day Petra Tour from Tel Aviv, choose a tour that includes time in Eilat. You fly from Tel Aviv to Eilat as with a one day tour but instead of continuing straight to Petra you get a day of leisure in Eilat and overnight accommodation in an Eilat hotel.

The trip to Petra starts the following day when you are taken from your Eilat hotel across the Arava border and to Petra. At the end of a full-day tour to Petra, you return to Eilat’s Ramon Airport for your flight to Tel Aviv.

This is an excellent option if you haven’t included Eilat in your itinerary and want to see this stunning Red Sea resort city as well as Petra.

Ways to Get from Tel Aviv to Petra- Petra Tour and Eilat from Tel Aviv

Multi-Day Tours to Jordan from Tel Aviv: For those who have even more time in Israel, you could take a longer tour of Jordan and see more of the country in addition to Petra.

A range of Israeli tours includes either a combination of sites in Israel and Jordan or just several days in Jordan. On an extended tour to Jordan from Tel Aviv, you would see places like Amman, Jerash, Madaba, Mount Nebo and of course Petra.

Some of the multi-day tours from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to Jordan cross into Jordan via the Sheikh Hussein border crossing rather than the Arava crossing. All of the tours to Petra and Jordan from Israel include assistance at the border crossing, air-conditioned transportation, an awesome tour guide, and accommodation included on multi-day tours. The tours leave on most days of the week and are conducted in several languages.

Ways to Get from Tel Aviv to Petra- Petra from Tel Aviv by Bus Tour

Petra from Tel Aviv by Bus Tour

The cheapest Tel Aviv to Petra tour option is by bus. Petra tours from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by bus offer pick-up in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; a drive past the Dead Sea, through the Aravah Valley, and across the Aravah border from Eilat to Jordan. From there you continue to Petra for your sightseeing before making the return journey by bus to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. The downside of this option is a very early morning start and a long bus trip as compared to the other Petra tours from Tel Aviv that include a short flight. However, for those on a budget, it is an ideal alternative.

Ways to Get from Tel Aviv to Petra- Independent Travel from Tel Aviv to PetraIndependent Travel from Tel Aviv to Petra

It is possible to travel from Tel Aviv to Petra independently. First, you will need to get yourself to the Arava border in Eilat. You can do this by taking a bus or flight to Eilat and from there a taxi to the border crossing. Remember to organize your Jordanian visa before traveling. If you are traveling without a tour group you cannot get a visa at the border. On arrival at the border, you will need to present your passport and visa. Once you have crossed into Jordan you will find taxis and self-proclaimed tour guides waiting on the Jordanian side ready to take you to Petra. 

The cost of traveling to Petra from Tel Aviv independently will include getting to Eilat from Tel Aviv; getting from Eilat to the Arava border; your visa fee(102-177ILS); exit tax from Israel (about 100ILS); transportation to Petra; entrance fee to the Petra Archeological Park(50JD-90JD); transportation back to the Jordan/Israel border; an exit tax from Jordan (about 10JD); transportation from the border to the Eilat bus station or airport and the price of your flight or bus back to Tel Aviv. If traveling from Tel Aviv to Petra independently we strongly recommend you visit your local Jordanian Embassy beforehand to find out about visa requirements.