Tour Type: Daily Tour
Duration: One-day
Departure days: Mon, Wed, Sat
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German

Tour Overview

Take this Bethlehem and Jericho tour past the Inn of the Good Samaritan and descend beneath sea level to the ancient city of Jericho. In Jericho see the sycamore tree climbed by Zacchaeus when he tried to get a better look at Jesus. Recall the biblical tale of Joshua marching his troops around Jericho’s city walls until they fell. The tour leaves Jericho passing the M...

Highlights - Bethlehem Jericho and Jordan River Tour

Join the tour directly from your hotel and enjoy a high-quality touring experience for a fair price
Guaranteed departure - makes your trip planning much easier and gives you complete peace of mind
Experience Bethlehem, the birth town of Jesus
Visit Jericho, the lowest and the most ancient city in the world
At Qasr al-Yahud on the Jordan River see where John baptized Jesus and perhaps you can even get baptized here
End your touring experience back in your hotel



Pickup Places and Prices

From Jerusalem
Pick up time 07:50
Price per person:
Price: $125
From Tel Aviv
Pick up time 06:40
Price per person:
Price: $135
From Netanya
Pick up time 06:00
Price per person:
Price: $135
From Herzliya
Pick up time 06:20
Price per person:
Price: $135

What To Expect - Bethlehem Jericho and Jordan River Tour

This tour of Bethlehem and Jericho heads past the Inn of the Good Samaritan; where Jesus set his famous parable. Driving through the Judean Desert past Wadi Kelt we see the 5th-century Monastery of St. George clinging to the cliffs and stop briefly at the sign indicating “sea level” before descending to Jericho.

In the Old Testament, the walls of Jericho fell as Joshua marched his army around the perimeter in the name of God. In the New Testament Zacchaeus, the tax collector climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see Jesus entering Jericho. On our Jericho tour, we see the famed sycamore tree. We can spot Mount Temptation not far from Jericho. Here Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness and the devil tried to tempt Him to forsake God.

Leaving Jericho the tour continues to Bethlehem where Christ was born just over 2,000 years ago. The Bethlehem tour stops in Manger Square where we visit the Church of the Nativity, which holds the Grotto of the Nativity where Jesus was born and where the original excavated mosaic of the 4th century can be seen. Today the church is a treasure trove of exquisite features. In the Holy Grotto, a silver star indicates the exact place Christ was born.

The next stop in Bethlehem is the Church of St. Catherine. We go beneath the church into an ancient cave where St. Jerome translated the Hebrew Bible into Latin. We leave Bethlehem on our return journey to Jerusalem and pass Shepherds Field. It was here that shepherds watched their sheep by night on Christmas Eve.

This tour includes Qasr al-Yahud, the place on the Jordan River where John baptized Jesus. At Qasr al-Yahud, the Jordan River became accessible to visitors wishing to be baptized there. This is also where the Israelites may have crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. After an exhilarating and spiritually-charged journey, the Bethlehem, Jericho, and  Qasr al-Yahud tour comes to an end.

Additional Information - Bethlehem Jericho and Jordan River Tour

Тур включает в себя:

  • Встреча и выезд из отеля
  • Полностью квалифицированный и лицензированный гид.
  • Транспортировка на автомобиле с кондиционером
  • Входные билеты

В тур не входит:

  • Еда и напитки


  • Расписание ежедневных туров может быть изменено в соответствии с правительственными рекомендациями для путешественников во время пандемии COVID-19.
  • Гарантированный выезд
  • Паспорт обязателен
  • Руководство в Иерихоне и Каср-эль-Яхуде доступно только на английском языке!
  • Рекомендуется удобная обувь для ходьбы и вода.
  • Скромная одежда обязательна для посещения святых мест; закрытые колени и плечи
  • Из-за перегруженности посетителей посещение Рождественской пещеры не всегда возможно.
  • Возможна доставка/высадка в разных городах. Однако мы не разъезжаемся по конкретным местам высадки.
  • Посещение Вифлеема может потребовать смены автомобиля, а также местного палестинского гида.
  • Бронирование осуществляется в соответствии с положениями и условиями.

Cancellation Policy

  • 4% charge for notification up to 2 days or more before the start time of the tour.
  • 25% charge for notification of a day before the start time of the tour.
  • 100% charge for notification on the same day of the tour.


A day tour is a regular tour that we operate on specific weekdays. Tours depart from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzliya and Netanya. You have the option to upgrade your tour and ensure for yourself a place in a small group (up to 19 people). The tour duration from pickup time is approximately 10 hours. You will be picked up from your hotel, and after the tour, you will be returned to your hotel.

Almost all of our daily tours are operated primarily in English, in addition to a second language:  Or Spanish, or Russian, or German and or French. You can choose the preferred language of the tour when booking. You can view the tour schedule, as well as the second language schedule in order to make your best suited choice.

When booking your tour, you will need to mark which language you’d like the tour to be in. Note that for certain tours in certain languages, the price may be higher.

A regular group travels in a coach that comfortably transports up to 45 people. A small group travels in a minivan that seats 22 people. Other than that, the tours are identical.

Our tours leave from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya and Herzliya. We pick up our travelers from most of the hotels in these cities. If you are staying at a private residence address, please choose the closest pick up hotel to your apartment or contact our office to be advised where to wait.

Children under 12 and students (with a valid student card) receive a 10% discount. 

You can bring your luggage with you and we’ll store it in the trunk of the vehicle during the tour. However, please be aware that we don’t take any responsibility for any damage or loss. Recommended to advise us that you are travelling with luggage.

Yes, but not too much. We definitely recommend bringing some local currency with you to pay for lunch and anything you may wish to; purchase along the way.

We, at Bein Harim Tourism, understand that plans can change, so you can change dates, cancel, or change your pickup point. Please note that cancellation fees will be charged subject to the cancellation policy as indicated on the tour page and confirmation email.

Since packages depend on hotel availability and updated rates, changes may imply an extra fee. For any changes or updates, you are welcome to contact our Operations team at:


Whatsapp messages only: +972 526588837

Phone: +972 35422000

Make sure that you have received confirmation for your change or update request.

It is possible to have pick ups/ drop offs in different cities. However, we do not disperse to specific drop off locations. The expenses to get from the drop off location to your final destination won't be covered by Bein Harim.

From $125 Per