Tour Type: Private Daily Tour
Duration: One-day
Departure days: Every Day
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, German

Tour Overview

Discover Caesarea, Haifa, and Acre on a private, completely customizable tour with a dedicated, professional guide! Explore the ancient cities along Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Begin by strolling through the National Archaeological Park of Caesarea, where you'll encounter a Roman theater, remnants of Herod’s palace, and the excavations of a Crusader city. In Haifa...

Highlights - Caesarea, Haifa and Acre Private Tour

Personalize your tour to suit your own interests. Our expert tour advisers will help you plan out the perfect trip!
Meet your private tour guide at your hotel or private address!
Travel in comfort with an air-conditioned and well equipped vehicle!
Enjoy a private tour with stops at points of interest along the coastline!
Drive up the Mediterranean coast stopping at Caesarea and Acre; see the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa and sea caves at Rosh HaNikra!
Visit the Ba’hai Gardens and Shrine in Haifa, marvelling at the beautiful terraced gardens that descend down the hill!
Wander the backstreets of Acre, an ancient Crusader City, exploring the walls and moat!
Take a cable car in picturesque Rosh HaNikra, descending into a limestone grotto!



Pickup Places and Prices

From Tel Aviv
Up to 3 persons: $1040
Up to 6 persons: $1100
Up to 10 persons: $1420
From Jerusalem
Up to 3 persons: $1434
Up to 6 persons: $1494
Up to 10 persons: $1814
From Herzliya
Up to 3 persons: $1040
Up to 6 persons: $1100
Up to 10 persons: $1420
From Netanya
Up to 3 persons: $1040
Up to 6 persons: $1100
Up to 10 persons: $1420

What To Expect - Caesarea, Haifa and Acre Private Tour

This is a private tour along the Mediterranean coastline which visits Caesarea, Acre, and Rosh Hanikra as well as gives you a panoramic view of Haifa.

Get a taste of the rich and diverse history of the region: The first stop is in Caesarea, an ancient port town originally inhabited by Phonecians. It was turned into an expansive city and port by King Herod in 31-37 BC. He built palaces, a theater, bathhouses, a hippodrome, and a harbor, and named the city in honor of Caesar Augustus.

Caesarea thrived under Herod and throughout the Byzantine era but was then destroyed in the 7th century and rebuilt by Crusaders in the 11th century. With your personal guide, you will be able to explore the ruins and tour the excavated buildings, bathhouses, and the remains of the famous port.

Continue your drive north to Haifa, a city built on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing a natural harbor. Take in the breathtaking views from atop Mount Carmel. Look out to Haifa Bay and across the immaculate Bahai Shrine and magnificent terraced gardens. Before leaving Haifa, drive through the historic German Colony established in 1868 by Christian German Templers. 

The next stop is at the northernmost point along Israel’s Mediterranean coast at Rosh Hanikra. Here you will see the border crossing between Israel and Lebanon. Just a few steps away is a cable car that will take you down the mountainside into a labyrinth of beautiful natural grottoes. The sea reflects off of the white limestone cliffs and splashes up through openings in the cavernous grottoes.

Returning south, the tour continues to Acre Old City, where we stop for lunch before exploring this ancient port city that boasts a rich and diverse history that dates back to antiquity. Originally settled by the Canaanites, Acre later fell under the dominion of the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, and Crusaders, each leaving an indelible mark on the city's architecture and culture.

The well-preserved structures of Acre include the Crusader-era Acre Citadel, a UNESCO site, and the Knights' Halls and underground passageways of the Crusader stronghold. Wander through Acre’s labyrinthine alleys and vibrant market, for a glimpse of traditional daily life.  

Note that while it was compiled by our experts, this itinerary is just one suggestion; you can customize your tour and see much more of northern Israel: enjoy the advanced Caesarea Museum, visit the Ghetto Fighters’ Holocaust Museum, see ancient synagogues and more (see FAQ section for details).

Additional Information - Caesarea, Haifa and Acre Private Tour

The tour includes:

  • Fully qualified and licensed private tour guide
  • Transport by new air-conditioned private car
  • Pick-up and drop-off services at your hotel or private address

The tour does not include:

  • Entrance fees
  • Parking and toll roads
  • Food and drinks


  • This itinerary is only a proposal; we can customize this private tour according to your wish
  • On Saturdays and holidays, an extra charge of $140 applies
  • Guide in French, Spanish, and Russian is available for additional $75$; in German – for additional 150$.
  • Entrance fees, parking fees, toll roads, and tips are not included in the price.
  • Booking is subject to terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy

  • 4% charge for notification up to 2 days or more before the start time of the tour.
  • 25% charge for notification of a day before the start time of the tour.
  • 100% charge for notification on the same day of the tour.


Our private tours are the most exclusive way to travel in Israel. You get a private car and a tour guide that will customize the tour to your interest and your schedule.

The price includes a private car and the tour guide who will pick you up from your accommodation (hotel or apartment) and return you to the same location. The trip is limited to 10 hours ($40 for every extra hour). Find full information under the "Additional Information" of each tour.

The price of a Private Tour does not include entrance fees, food, drinks, parking, and toll roads. Find full information under the "Additional Information" of each tour.

Yes, the mentioned itinerary is a proposal only; we can customize private trips within the designated region and based on logistics. Please note that if the tour duration exceeds 10 hours, you will be required to pay $40 for every extra hour (up to extra 2 hours possible).

Your private tour is fully customizable and can be planned to include other attractions in the area (if time permits), such as:

  • An in-depth tour of Caesarea including Caesarea Museum, Interactive multimedia experience, and Byzantine city ruins (1-3 additional hours) 
  • Zichron Yaakov
  • Moshav Ein Hod Artists’ Village
  • Atlit Detainee Camp Museum
  • Baha’i Gardens, Haifa (Upper Terraces and Baha’i Temple)
  • Additional sites in Acre - Acre Citadel, Ottoman and British era prison, ramparts walk, quaint port, ancient synagogues, el-Jazzar Mosque, Templars tunnel, Acre old port, Khan al-Umdan.
  • Acre aqueduct
  • Ghetto Fighters’ Holocaust Museum in Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot.

Contact us for any itinerary planning; this is your private tour, and we want it to be perfect! 

The tours are available in the most widespread languages. On our website, you can book the tours in English, Spanish, Russian, German, or French guidance (except for English, tours in these languages have an additional fee of 75 USD). 

However, if you book a different language, a supplement of approximately 100-150 USD will be applied depending on the language and the tour.

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You don’t have to, but it is appreciated by the tour guide as a sign of your satisfaction for the services he/she has provided. 

As this is tailor-made for you only, we can pick you up from any point in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv district, Netanya and Herzliya.

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Sure, just ask the guide.

We, at Bein Harim Tourism, understand that plans can change, so you can change dates, cancel, or change your pickup point. Please note that cancellation fees will be charged subject to the cancellation policy as indicated on the tour page and confirmation email.

Since packages depend on hotel availability and updated rates, changes may imply an extra fee. For any changes or updates, you are welcome to contact our Operations team at:


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