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Tours to The Dead Sea

Tours to The Dead Sea
No visit to Israel is complete without a visit to the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea located at 429 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is in the Jordan Rift Valley in southern Israel and one of the contenders as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The highly saline water, black mud and unique atmosphere have been proved to have health benefits for those suffering from skin diseases, arthritis, respiratory ailments and a number of other complaints. The mineral-rich water and air have made this a natural spa location where you can get a range of spa treatments or just enjoy the beaches. Nothing can live in the Dead Sea but no one can drown either as it is literally impossible to stay submerged due to the dense mineral-rich water. Of course the most magical part of any trip to the Dead Sea is floating in the water which keeps you buoyant thanks to the thick salty water.

Masada and the Dead Sea Tour (31)

Pass the¬†Inn of the Good Samaritan¬†on the descent through the¬†Judean Desert¬†¬†to the Dead Sea. Ascend¬†Masada¬†by cable car and see the remains of the Herodian fortress where the Zealots were overcome by the Romans in 73 CE. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a mud bath and a swim in the Dead Sea. On…
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Dead Sea Relaxation Day (32)

Feel and look ten years younger after covering your body with black mud enjoy a therapeutic swim in the Dead Sea where, even if you can’t swim, you can float!
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Masada, Ein Gedi and View of Qumran (36)

Descend through the¬†Judean Desert¬†to the Dead Sea, passing the¬†Inn of the Good Samaritan¬†and¬†Jericho. Ascend by cable car to the Herodian palace/fortress on¬†Masada¬†where the Zealots were overcome by the Romans in 73 CE. Walk, without a guide, the well-marked trail in the¬†Ein Gedi¬†Nature Reserve. Roadside View of the caves in which the Dead…
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Jerusalem and Dead Sea (13)

Start with an overview of Jerusalem ¬†looking down at the Old City and the Temple Mount. See Mount of Olives ,¬†the¬†Garden of Gethsemane¬†and the monumental burial tombs while driving along the¬†Kidron Valley.Transfer drive through the¬†Judean desert, passing¬†Jericho, to the northern coast of the¬†Dead¬†Sea¬†to swim and float in the mineral rich waters and…
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Jericho, Jordan River & the Dead Sea Tour (33)

This tour takes you down below sea level to the Dead Sea region. Here you will see the dramatic desert landscape and visit Biblical, natural and historical sites. The tour takes you to Tel Jericho, the excavated original Jericho settlement; Elisha Spring that provided a vital water source to the people of…
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Desert Safari Experience (34)

Descend to the¬†Judean Desert¬†via the¬†Inn of the Good Samaritan, and view caves at Qumran. Meet the desert vehicle and drive to Metsuke Dragot, where we enter the desert with overview of Murabat wadi and the caves. Thereafter drive through the Wadi, the mountains, and view spectacular typical desert vegetation and landscape. End…
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