Petra 1 - Day Tours

There are a number of one-day Petra tour options that depart from Israel daily and travel to the neighboring Kingdom of Jordan to visit Petra. You can choose a Petra tour that departs from Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city on the Red Sea, or a tour that departs from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Some of the one-day Petra tours include a return flight from central Israel to Eilat where tours cross the border into Jordan. Other one-day Petra tours include a night in an Eilat hotel. All one day Petra tours take you through Jordan’s breathtaking desert landscape in air-conditioned transportation to Petra, a city built about 2,300 years ago.

The Nabataean people carved their buildings out of red-hued rock creating intricate facades and cavernous chambers. Thanks to their ingenious water gathering system they managed to survive the harsh desert environment and became an important stop of the ancient trade routes. At its peak the Nabataean city was home to 20,000 people and when their civilization declined Petra was used by Romans before being abandoned and forgotten for hundreds of years.

In Petra, you will be given a guided tour of the most important Petra landmarks. Among the highlights of a Petra tour there is a walk through the dramatic Siq, a narrow gorge flanked by towering rock cliffs; a walk down the colonnaded street and a look at the remarkable Treasury, an ancient tomb with an elaborately carved façade.

You will have some free time to explore Petra independently and enjoy lunch in an authentic local eatery. Time permitting; some one-day Petra tours take a brief panoramic tour through Jordan’s Red Sea port city of Aqaba before returning to Israel.

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