In Persia in 1844 a young man announced that he was the portal, or Bab, through which the Universal Messenger of God would soon appear. The Bab was executed in Tabriz in 1850 and his remains are buried under the Bahai Shrine on Mount Carmel. The revealed Messenger of the Bahai faith, the Baha’u’llah, was expelled from Persia and eventually exiled to Acre where he died in 1892. He is buried in a garden room adjoining Bahji, the most holy site to followers of the Bahai faith and open only to them.

Set in the midst of eighteen terraced gardens the Shrine of the Bab on Mount Carmel is part of a complex including the Universal House of Justice and the Archives Building. The Shrine is open to the general public for a few hours each morning. From the uppermost terrace there is a breathtaking view of Haifa and the bay. The gardens are meticulously cared for by Bahai volunteers from all over the world.

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