Ein Hod Artists’ Village

About this place

Discover some of Israel’s amazing artists and the country’s only artists’ village at Ein Hod. Ein Hod is located just south of Haifa at the foot of Mt. Carmel. The pastoral village community is nestled among olive groves and orchards with the sea on one side and the Carmel Mountain range as a backdrop. The village welcomes visitors and there is plenty to see and do. Ein Hod was founded in 1953 by a group of artists lead by Dada artist Marcel Janco. Today Ein Hod is home to 150 writers, architects, sculptors, potters, jewelry designers, painters, actors,  musicians, and their families. Many of the artists are prize winners and ten have won the Israeli National Award. The village has 18 galleries, 14 workshops, restaurants, cafes, a museum, and several bed and breakfasts.

What to See and Do in Ein Hod Artists Village

Ein Hod Central Art Gallery is the heart of the community. At this gallery, the resident artists display their work in a shared exhibition space. Artists’ workshops and galleries can be found In addition to the Ein Hod Central Art Gallery. There are many artists who display their work in private studios and galleries. Others invite visitors into their studios to see them at work. Some of the workshops hold short and long art courses and others offer demonstrations and lecture evenings.

The Janco Dada Museum was established to honor the founder of the village, Marcel Janco and it exhibits a permanent collection of Janco’s work. The museum also has exhibitions for young and up-and-coming artists. The museum is home to Dadalab; an experimental area where young artists can explore Dada art. Yad Gertrude is a performance venue for chamber music concerts donated by dancer Gertrude Krause, a former resident of the village. The venue also holds the village archives and exhibits work by deceased former residents.

There are several quaint houses and courtyards which have been turned into beautiful cafes and restaurants. Among the great places to eat there is the Dona Rosa, an Argentinean restaurant located on the village square. The restaurant hosts live acoustic musical performances every Friday evening on the terrace of the stone building. Café Ein Hod is a homely and ethnic café where vintage goods are displayed in the space.  Ein Hod has an excellent website where you can find out about guided tours of the village, the galleries, museums, restaurants, cafes, bed and breakfasts, and guided tours.