About this place

Caesarea was originally a Phoenician port but it is better known as the site of an important Roman port city built by Herod in 22-10BC. Herod expanded the port building an artificial harbor with large concrete blocks. The port extended further but over the course of the last 2,000 years parts of the Roman harbor structure sank into the water. The archaeological remains of the Roman city have been excavated and are preserved in the Cesarean National Park which faces the Caesarea Port.

The Ancient Roman Port of Caesarea

2,000 years ago Herod’s port covered 50 acres and could accommodate up to 100 cargo ships. The piers and docks began to sink in the Byzantine era but the port was still used into the Crusader era. Over the years Caesarea’s inner harbor filled with sand  and today places of dining and entertainment dominate the waterfront.

Attractions of Caesarea Port

TIME TREK is a multi-media attraction which recreates the ancient city of Caesarea presenting the various periods of history. Images of 12 historical figures welcome visitors and tell about their individual stories. The TIME TOWER is a recreated fortress where there are stunning views across. In the tower halls there is a riveting virtual tour of the ancient city where you feel like you are walking through the streets thousands of years ago.
At the port a paved pathway takes you across the Artists Yard where artists display their creations and you can find handmade items. The port area has some wonderful restaurants with brilliant views across the water.
One of the newest additions to the Caesarea Port attractions is the underwater park especially designed for divers. A route is marked out among the architectural elements which have sunk beneath the water and divers can follow this route seeing the former sunken Roman port. Just next to Caesarea Port is a fantastic stretch of beach for enjoying the sea and sun. In the summer there are special events for the whole family held in the port area.

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