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Museum on the Seam is one of the most fascinating museums in Jerusalem. Its name reflects the museum’s location on the “seam” between East and West Jerusalem and between secular and ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. The museum displays socio-political contemporary art related to the region. This unique museum aims to raise awareness of social issues, encourage dialogue between people that hold different views, and promote social responsibility. Visitors should leave the museum focused on what we have in common, and not what keeps us apart.

The museum exhibits change regularly and range from gender violence, animal rights, and technology, to human rights, religion, coexistence, and conflict in the Middle East. The museum examines the issues within the complex reality of Jews and Arabs in Israel/Palestine. But it also looks at the tension that arises between different groups within Jewish society.

The Museum on the Seam is housed in a neoclassical building from the 1930s, designed by Christian Palestinian architect, Andoni Baramki. From 1948 to 1967, an Israeli army outpost occupied the building located on the line that cut Jerusalem in half, dividing it between Israel and Jordan. Alongside the building was the Mandelbaum Gate where East and West Jerusalem. connected.

Here, the Israel-Jordan Armistice Committee would meet under the watchful eye of the UN. Later the building (also known as the  Tourjeman Post) became a museum dedicated to the divided city of Jerusalem. And in 2005, the Museum on the Seam was born, focused on understanding, and coexistence, and dedicated to promoting equality, human rights, and diversity.

Don’t let the historic building deceive you, inside you’ll find exhibits that use the latest museum technology and state-of-the-art displays. Listen to the views of people from all levels of Israeli society; see digitally drawn graffiti by Israeli soldiers at their posts, and read quotes from Nobel Peace Prize winners. Before leaving, don’t miss the view across Jerusalem, from the museum’s rooftop cafe.

NOTE: The Museum on the Seam is temporarily closed.

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