10-Day Israel Itinerary: Plan the Perfect Israel Trip

By Sarah Mann | Published on 3/9/2023
Nobody can truly experience Israel in just a few days; The country offers so many enchanting views, so much unique history, and countless attractions for every taste. Together, all of these tell a remarkable story that makes Israel such an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime destination.

This is why most travel experts agree: a 10-day Israel itinerary is the best way to make the most out of your trip. Let's see what such a vacation could look like, including must-sees, cultural gems, holy places, and the local's favourites. 

Plan the Perfect Israel ItineraryFun in the sun at a Tel Aviv beach

What to See in Israel in 10 Days?

Israel’s small when it comes to land mass but enormous when it comes to attractions. With a 10-day Israel Itinerary, you won't have to decide whether Mediterranean beaches and culinary hotspots in Tel Aviv outrank exploring holy places in Jerusalem and hiking up in the north or down in the Negev desert.

There are many Classical Israel Tour Packages that will take you worry-free between the country's main points of interest. 

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Plan the Perfect Israel ItineraryThe crusader knights' hall in Akko

What Should I Pack for 10 Days in Israel?

When packing for a 10-day vacation in Israel, you should consider the time of year you are visiting and the activities you plan to do. However, here is a general packing list that can help you prepare for your trip. 

Clothing: Take comfortable, breathable clothing for warm weather, as even the Israeli winter had plenty of sunny days. You should also take a Light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Swimwear is a must – you don't want to miss the beaches and the lovely Dead Sea. Not that most tours will include a reasonable amount of walking, so you should prefer sneakers or loafers. 

Outfits: Israel is a country with a rich cultural and religious history, and you may be visiting religious sites, such as temples and churches. Be sure to dress modestly in these areas and cover your shoulders and knees.

Electronics: The Israeli outlets operate on a 230V power supply (and 50Hz), so you should have a C/H/M adaptor (2/3 pins). Universal power adaptors can be purchased in every airport, and most hotels will lend you an adaptor if you'll need one. 

10-Day Israel Itinerary: The Classic Best 

Days 1-2: Tel Aviv

There’s so much to do in the City that Never Sleeps - whether you’re looking to sun yourself on one of the endless sandy beaches, take a bike ride around the city (Tel Aviv has many bike lanes and is flat, so this is a great way to get around), explore the colourful food scene, sit in a sidewalk cafe and people-watch or hit the town at night in one of the city’s trendiest cocktail bars.

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 1-2 Tel Aviv, Gourmet Food

Do you like Gourmet Food? Tel Aviv is the place for you

Must-visits include the Carmel Market, a stroll through the charming neighbourhoods of the Neve Tsedek and ‘the Kerem’ (the Yemenite Quarter) and a wander up Rothschild Boulevard.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Yitzhak Rabin museum and Ben Gurion’s House are all worth a visit too, and for architect fiends, there’s the wonderful Bauhaus scene

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 1-2 Tel Aviv, The lively streets of Tel AvivThe lively streets of Tel Aviv

Days 3-4: Jerusalem

Ah, Jerusalem! Home to three of the world’s major religions, beautiful, evocative, mysterious, magical…there are many words to describe this city but seeing it with your own eyes is something else. It’s easy to get lost here, spend weeks wandering the narrow backstreets, soaking up the charm of it all.

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 3-4 Jerusalem, The Western WallThe Western Wall

But use your two days well and you can see plenty. The Old City deserves quite a few hours - walk the Via Dolorosa (retracing the footsteps of Jesus), visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where he was crucified and resurrected, stare at the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount and stand spellbound at the ancient Western Wall.

If you have time, visit the Mount of Olives and gaze at panoramic views of the city from its top.

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 3-4 Jerusalem, The Church of the Holy SepulchreThe Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Day two belongs to the New City - visit the world-famous Israel Museum (housing the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, amongst other things) or Yad Vashem, Israel’s impressive and moving monument to the Holocaust. Take a stroll through Mahane Yehuda, the city’s liveliest market, and grab some typical Israeli street food. By night, take in views of the capital from the Bridge of Chord.

Day 5: Bethlehem and Jericho

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the capital, Bethlehem is sacred for Christians, since it’s the place of Jesus’ birth, and Jericho is perhaps the world’s continuously inhabited city. Visit the Church of the Nativity, stroll around Manger Square and at Jericho take a cable car to the top of the Mount of Temptation, giving you the chance to visit the monastery there and enjoy wonderful views.  

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Day 5 Bethlehem and Jericho, The city of BethlehemThe city of Bethlehem

Whilst Bethlehem and Jericho are both in the Palestinian Authority, it’s safe to visit both these places and there are plenty of Bethlehem and Jericho Day Tours to choose from. These will easily arrange for guides to escort you there, dropping you off at the checkpoint in the morning and picking you up again later.

Days 6-7: Masada, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi

Spend two days down in the Judean desert, taking in incredible sights and sounds. Masada, the ancient Herodian fortress, sits in the wilderness and gazing out at the desert from its top (reached by cable car or a long hike up!) is nothing short of stunning. There’s a reason it’s one of the country’s most beloved sites!

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 6-7 Masada, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi, Masada cable carThe Masada cable car

Then onto the Dead Sea, for a few hours of relaxation, floating in salty waters, covering your body in black mud (it’s free and all over the place) and sitting with a cold beer or a glass of lemonade, staring over the water, to where Jordan lies.

The following day, take a hike in Ein Gedi, one of Israel’s most beautiful nature reserves, where there are waterfalls, springs, and ibex all around you.

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Days 6-7 Masada, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi, Ein Gedi OasisEin Gedi Oasis

Alternatively, treat yourself to a spa day, where you can be pampered with seaweed wraps and massages with oils and creams all made in the area, from the minerals found nearby. Finish the day back in Tel Aviv. 

Day 8: Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Akko

The north of Israel is incredibly beautiful (at any time of the year) and a day spent visiting Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Akko is quite doable, if you get up early!

Begin at the ancient harbour of Caesarea and walk through the remains of once a Roman city, marvelling at what is left of the harbour, hippodrome, frescoes, amphitheatre and aqueducts.  

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Day 8 Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Akko, The Caesarea AqueductThe Caesarea Aqueduct

Then, after a quick stop in Haifa to admire the Bahai Gardens, head to the grotto of Rosh Hanikra, close to the border with Lebanon, where you can take a cable car down into the caves, water splashing all around you - it’s also a perfect spot for photography and Instagram lovers!

Finish the day in Akko (also known as Acre), an amazing Crusader city, whose old part is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visit the painstakingly restored Knights’ Halls of the Hospitaller Fortress, the Turkish Bath and the Templars Tunnels (used in battles) then eat dinner at one of the excellent fish restaurants on the harbour, overlooking the Mediterranean. Head back to Haifa for the night. 

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Day 8 Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Akko, The Akko FortressThe Akko Fortress

Day 9: Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee

Begin in Nazareth, the city where Jesus spent some of his formative years and visit the Church of the Basilica, where his mother Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel, informing her that she was with child. Wander around the old city, through the ancient streets, and pick up some souvenirs from the Holy Land.

Then onto the Galilee, for an afternoon of well-deserved time off, where you can spend a quiet afternoon overlooking the sea and enjoying a beautiful sunset and a good dinner.

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Day 9 Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, The Sea of GalileeThe Sea of Galilee

Day 10: Jaffa

Before you leave Israel, put some time aside for Jaffa, next door to Tel Aviv. This ancient city (renowned in the Bible as the place where Jonah fled God and ended up in the belly of a whale) has a renovated port area, a charming Artist’s Quarter (with narrow, cobbled streets), three historic churches (and the nearby wishing fountain and mosaics, telling Biblical stories).

Five minute’s walk from there, past the Ottoman clock tower, lies the fantastic Shuk Hapishpishim - the Jaffa flea market. Whether you just like strolling or always like rummaging for a bargain, the market’s full of vintage items, retro clothing, furniture, prints and jewellery. All around are cafes, bars and restaurants, which stay open late into the night (many with live music).  

Plan the Perfect Israel Itinerary- Day 10 Jaffa, The Jaffa Sunset from the Tel Aviv boardwalkThe Jaffa Sunset from the Tel Aviv boardwalk

This is just one way to spend 10 days in Israel without compromising on culture, nature, history or religious hotspots. If you want more ideas about travel in this unique country, check out our website for the packages, private trips and day excursions we offer, as well as our articles about life in Israel on our blog.