Descending from the southernmost tip of the Golan Heights, with a view of Jordan across the Yarmuk river, one arrives at an unexpected surprise – an alligator farm! Set in a beautiful park complete with a pool, sulfur spring, playing fields, aviary and restaurant.

Already two thousand years ago the Romans appreciated the potential of the springs and harnessed the water for a number of pools – a therapeutic sulfur pool, an equally curative hot pool and, for those who merely wanted to relax a large pool surrounded by colonnades and fountains. Finding many oil lamps in one of the smaller pools brings to mind the tradition that lepers spending seven nights in the pool would be cured.

Confirming that the pools were also used by Jews is the synagogue in which the inscriptions on the mosaic floor have preserved for history the names of the donors from Susita, Arbel, Gadara and Kfar Haruv.

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