Tabor Winery

About this place

The people of Israel have been making wine for thousands of years. In the Bible, there are many references to wine and vineyards. Among the rolling hills, and green fields of the Upper Galilee is a small village called Kfar Tabor. This is where the Tabor Winery was born. Today, they continue the tradition of winemaking in the Holy Land, producing a wide selection of award-winning kosher wines. The winery’s original vineyards are at the foot of Mount Tabor, but they source grapes from vineyards in Israel’s top wine-growing regions. They produce an extensive range of wines from various grapes grown in different soils and a variety of climates. The best wine-making regions in Israel are the Golan Heights, Galilee, Judean foothills, and the central mountains. Winemakers at Tabor Winery are driven by their passion, love of the land, and innovation. This internationally recognized winery still has the heart of a family business.

The Tabor Winery Story

The Tabor story goes back over a hundred years to when philanthropist Baron Rothschild invested in the future of Israel as the Jewish nation. He supported Jews settling in the Holy Land and financed many of their efforts, including the Carmel Winery in Zikhron Yaakov. In 1901 Rothschild supported the establishment of a small town named Mes’ha, after a neighboring Arab village. Then in 1903, Zionist Menachem Ussishkin encouraged the village to take a Hebrew name. And so, Tabor Village (Kfar Tavor) was born in the shadow of Mount Tabor. The village has always had a connection to grape cultivation. But it never really got off the ground in a big way until 1999, when the Tabor Winery was established. 

Four experienced wine-growing families pooled their resources to create the new winery. At first Tabor Winery was a boutique winery, but they have grown to gain international recognition. In the first year, Tabor Winery produced approximately 30,000 bottles. Today it can produce about 2 million bottles a year. As the winery has grown, so has the variety of wines they produce. In 2005, IBBL bought Tabor Winery, giving them wider distribution and support. They continue to produce quality wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Petit Syrah, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Viognier, Gewurztraminer, White Riesling, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Tempranillo, Tanat, Cabernet Franc, Roussanne, Barbera, Sauvignon Blanc, and French Colombard. Tabor wines are available in the UK, Europe, USA, and Japan. 

Tabor Winery’s Dedication to Excellence 

Tabor Winery is committed to crafting fine wines while caring for the land and nature. The Tabor vineyards have kept to ecological standards since 2012. They have implemented various actions to protect the environment and restore nature. Tabor Winery’s ecological efforts are overseen by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. 

Kosher wine is notoriously expensive. Producing it requires strict standards and certification. Tabor Winery offers world-class wine, that is kosher and affordable. Tabor produces what is known as QPR wine, or Quality-to-Price-Ratio. This means the wine is of high quality, but the price is low. Their Earth series, in particular, has been awarded for its excellent Quality-to-Price-Ratio. Tabor Winery continues to push the boundaries of winemaking and to maintain the passion of the original boutique winery that grew up in the shadow of Mount Tabor. The Tabor Winery Visitor Center is set in an idyllic location. Here you can sample wines from the Tabor Winery’s exclusive collection. Professionals are on hand to tell you interesting facts about winemaking in Israel and share entertaining stories of wine lore.