Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Israel

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
2 min
Don’t leave Israel without seeing these top tourist destinations

1. Jerusalem Old City, Jerusalem

Within the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City you can see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, Via Dolorosa, the Armenian Quarter, Dome of the Rock and many more of Israel’s top sights.

2. Bahai Gardens, Haifa 

Haifa’s top must-see sight is the garden which cascades down 18 terraces on Mount Carmel, at the top of the garden is the white Bahia Temple. The gardens are maintained impeccably with bright seasonal flowers and landscaped patterns.

3. Jaffa Port, Tel-Aviv

Jaffa today has been renovated and preserved, the high stone walls and narrow lanes which balance on the cliff are used for specialty art galleries, restaurants, a small museum and an observation point where you can look back across the water to Tel-Aviv. Visit the flea market and antique stores here and be sure to bargain.

4. Sea of Galilee

This inland sea is where Jesus performed many of his miracles like walking on the water and the feeding of the multitude. The fresh water sea is perfect for boat trips and for swimming and is surrounded by stunning countryside. Along the edges of the sea of Galilee are various Biblical sites and small quaint chapels.

5. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth a visit here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The sea’s unique salinity (8.6 saltier than the sea) makes the water thick and almost oily so that you can’t sink. You can float in the Dead Sea and benefit from the rejuvenating qualities of the highly concentrated minerals.

6. Red Sea, Eilat

Hire a snorkel or take a dive in the crystal clear Red Sea. The coral reefs, tropical fish and even dolphins make this a site not to miss.

7. Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem

The world’s best Holocaust museum housed in an innovative modern building, the museum holds thousands of documents, photos, video testimonials and artifacts from the darkest time in the history of the Jewish people.

8. Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

See the place where Mary and Joseph lived and where the archangel revealed to Mary that she would soon carry the son of God. One of the most moving features is the display of images of Madonna and baby Jesus from around the world. The mosaics and paintings show the holy family as black, white and Asian according to how the Christians in those countries envision them.

9. Acre Old City, Acre

Enter the narrow cobbled lanes of this walled port city which is alive with people bustling through the market, this is real living history. The labyrinth of lanes leads you from the entrance down to the water’s edge.

10. Ramon Crater

When driving down from the center of Israel to Eilat the road passes this Crater which is 40km long, 500 meters deep and 10km wide. From Mitzpe Ramon on the northern wall of the crater you can look down on the magnificent desert landscape.
It must be said that Bethlehem would have been on this list but officially it is in Palestine and not Israel. Caesarea, Tel-Aviv and Masada also narrowly missed the list!