Zichron Yaakov Wineries

About this place

Zichron Yaakov is a quaint town nestled in the countryside, 35km south of Haifa at the southern end of the Carmel Mountains. The historic town and surrounding greenery is reminiscent of a small European village and is best known for its wine industry. Zichron Yaakov is home to 12 winery visitor centers where you can take tours and taste the wines. The Zichron Yaakov wine industry dates back to 1882 when Baron Edmond de Rothschild helped establish the community and develop the vineyards using cuttings of grapevines brought from France. It is possible to spend the day touring the wineries of Zichron Ya’akov and neighboring Benyamina.

Carmel Winery

Located in Zichron Ya’akov but with vineyards across the country, this is Israel’s largest modern winery producing more than 15 million bottles a year. The winery was established in 1882 by Baron de Rothschild making it Israel’s oldest winery. Visitors can tour the Wine & Culture Center, take workshops, tastings, see the production process and visit the cellars.

Somek Estate Winery

The grapes on Somek Estate are handpicked early in the morning and immediately processed at the nearby winery. The grapes are handled in the traditional way with an old-fashioned barrel press and moved by hand rather than tubes. Their visitor center in Zichron Ya’akov offers workshops, tastings, and a chance to see the wine-making process in action.

Tishbi Winery

Tishbi is an internationally renowned winery that produces about a million bottles a year. Here you can enjoy wine tasting and workshops on wine pairing. There are also guided tours and a restaurant on site.

Arens Winery

Located in Binyamina, minutes from Zichron Yaakov this winery was established by the third generation of a local farming family and has deep roots in the community and land. They use only grapes from the HaNadiv Valley and carefully cultivate them using innovative methods.

Binyamina Winery

This is one of Israel’s oldest wine-making establishments; founded in 1952 in the quaint village of Binyamina. They produce a wide variety of wines under five labels. The winery is housed in a heritage building and offers wine tours, workshops, and grape juice tastings.

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