The Best Beaches of the Dead Sea - the Lowest Place on Earth

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 1/20/2020
4 min

One of the must-see destinations in Israel is the Dead Sea, mainly because it is completely unique and the lowest point on Earth.
The Dead Sea is an elongated strip of water with the northernmost of two basins measuring 50km long and 15kn wide. The sea divides Israel on the western shore from Jordan to the east. The low altitude of the Dead Sea makes the environment unique. The water is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean and the air at this altitude is rich in oxygen. Even the sun is healthier at the Dead Sea as the sun rays are low in dangerous UV rays.  All of these factors together with the mineral-rich black mud of the sea bed that can be used as a natural skin mask make the Dead Sea a popular destination. Along the western shore of the Dead Sea are several hotels, spas and beaches offering a range of facilities. Here is a list of the best Dead Sea beaches to help you choose where to experience this spectacular natural wonder.

Northern Dead Sea Beaches

The northern beaches are easiest to reach from Jerusalem being only half an hour south of the capital. Most of the northern beaches are private, which means you will have to pay an entrance fee (50-100ILS) and can enjoy many beachfront amenities. 

Kalia Beach

Travelers enjoying the Dead Sea on their guided tour

Fee or Free: Fee
Open: Summer 8am – 7pm. Winter 8am – 5:30pm

This is one of the best beaches for those looking for a complete range of facilities. You'll be able to use the toilets, lockers, showers, beach chairs and umbrellas. There is a snack bar, Bedouin tent restaurant, a bar, parking, lifeguard, BBQ area, souvenir store and even sulphur baths. All amenities are included in your entrance fee and you can camp here for an additional fee. On the beach you'll be provided with Dead Sea mud to smother on your skin. This is a calm, quiet beach away from the large hotels in Ein Bokek. If you take one of the Dead Sea tours you could possibly spend time on Kalia Beach or a similar excellent Dead Sea beach.

Biankini Beach

Fee or Free: Fee
Open: 8am – 6pm

Biankini is the Dead Sea beach with the most facilities, a laid-back daytime atmosphere and a vibrant nighttime bar. The private beach amenities are provided by the Biankini Resort Village. There is a beachfront restaurant selling oriental food. Visitors can enjoy Middle Eastern music as they lounge on the sand and use amenities such as the spa, swimming pools, kid's club and stores. There are top quality beach cabins and bungalows at the Biankini Resort Village, beach chairs, umbrellas, a snack bar, billiard tables, minimarket, lifeguard service and free parking. When the sun goes down the restaurant turns into a night club but continues its Middle Eastern theme with live performances, karaoke and sometimes even belly dancing!

Neve Midbar Beach

Fee or Free: Fee
Open: 9am – 6:30pm

This is a wide, sandy beach with lawns bordering the sand, camping areas, bungalow rental, a swimming pool, restaurant and parking area. You can find the natural black Dead Sea mud on the shoreline. Enjoy a drink or meal on the restaurant terrace overlooking the sea and sometimes you can even catch a live performance or festival on Neve Midbar. There is a lifeguard on duty; a Dead Sea products store, toilets, showers, beach chairs and sunshades. This is a great choice for families, groups and singles. However, there is a steep walk down to the water's edge and there have been reviews saying the beach is not kept clean.

Dead Sea Beaches in the Ein Gedi Area



Ein Gedi Spa Resort Beach

Fee or Free: Fee
Open: 8:30am – 5pm

If you've come looking for a beach near the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve or Ein Gedi Kibbutz you will have found that Mineral Beach and the old Ein Gedi beach are closed due to the danger of sinkholes. However, Ein Gedi Spa Resort Beach is open. Here you can enjoy spa treatments using Dead Sea products. Amenities on the beach include lifeguard service, toilets, showers, beach chairs and sunshades. There is a shuttle from the spa complex to the beach. You can use the natural Dead Sea mud as a skin mask and soak up all the beneficial salts and minerals. There is a large outdoor pool overlooking the Dead Sea and the spa has six thermos-mineral sulfur pools. Take a look around the spa's health and beauty store and enjoy a meal in the spa restaurant, ice-cream store or snack bar.

Ein Bokek Area

The southern beaches of the Dead Sea are free although there are a few private beaches where only guests at the adjacent spa resorts can use the beach. Ein Bokek is about a 2-hour drive from Jerusalem but offers beachfront hotels, amenities and a wide, sandy beach.

Segregated Beach

Fee or Free: Free
Open: Monday-Friday, 7am – 4/6pm, closed Saturday

This public beach is used by the religious community and is divided into a men's bathing area and a woman's bathing area. The beach has a lifeguard on duty and there are beach amenities including open-air fresh-water showers, toilets and water fountains. The free beach is well maintained and can be visited during the week but not from sundown on Fridays to sundown on Sunday morning.

Ein Bokek Beach

Fee or Free: Free
Open: 24/7 with services 7am – 5pm

Ein Bokek is the area where most of the Dead Sea hotels are concentrated. A rather new beach promenade runs along the shore in front of the hotels connecting Ein Bokek's two beaches. Ein Bokek beaches are free and most hotels have access straight to the sand. This year-round stretch of beach is great for young and old. The Ein Bokek South Beach and Central Beach both have amenities that include lifeguard services; beach chairs; sunshades; water fountains; BBQ areas; outdoor fresh-water showers and nearby snack bars. Camping is prohibited on the Ein Bokek beach except during the holidays when there are designated areas for overnight stays.

Neve Zohar Beach 

Fee or Free: Free
Open: 24/7 with services available 7am – 5pm

This is the southernmost stretch of Dead Sea beach located about 3km south of Ein Bokek in Neve Zohar. The beach is free although there are some facilities you can pay for like reclining beach chairs. Also available here are toilets, changing rooms, outdoor fresh-water showers and a snack bar. During holidays and the summer season there is a lifeguard on duty.  A little further south is Neve Zohar Beach which is not suitable for bathing.