Tel-Aviv Port Area

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
2 min
The port or Namal is located on the northern end of Tel-Aviv where the Yarkon River meets the Mediterranean Sea. The sea port is no longer in use but the area along the shore front has become an important recreational site and leisure destination. The Port is active 24/7 and is one of the liveliest areas of the city.

The Port was constructed in the 1930s under the British Mandate; it was a vital alternative to the Arab operated Port of Jaffa. In 1948 the first Jewish immigrants to the newly established State of Israel arrived here. In 1965 Ashdod sea port was opened and Tel-Aviv Namal was closed. Only 20 years later did the old port get a new lease on life when it was renovated and became a buzzing venue for water sports, nightlife, commerce and recreation.
The port has an area where large hangars house commercial and entertainment attractions. The seaside restaurants, nightclubs and cafes form the core of the Port activities with a pleasant 1400m² wooden boardwalk running south from the southern bank of the Yarkon River in Reading. Some of the top restaurants in this area include Boya, a seafood eatery; the bar-restaurant Shalvata; the nightclub TLV and the bar Erlich. From the wooden pier along the boardwalk you can get stunning views of the sunset.

The Port area is home to many great stores including the fashion forward Factory 54; surf store Blue Bird and comme il faut among others. The port area comes alive at night with a number of top night clubs and music venues. In Hanger 13 you’ll find Shablul Jazz, a contemporary Israeli jazz club where you can enjoy a meal or a drink from the bar while listening to live performances. The Port is the site of a number of conference and event venues including Hanger 11 and Arca in Hanger 3. Coola in Hanger 26 is a women only spa and beauty center. Ella Yoga in Hanger 4 is a yoga complex facing the sea. They offer one-off lessons and regular ongoing lessons in a range of yoga styles. The Port has a reputation for art and design, the Cavim Institute of Design and Architecture is based in Hanger 3. In Hanger 1 is Habetzefer, is an interdisciplinary school for advertizing professionals. At Ze Ze Ze in Hanger 21 you can see changing exhibitions related to architecture and urban environments. Next door is Israel’s largest architectural and design book store. At Beit Banamal in Hanger 26 you can see changing exhibitions focused on design. The exhibition space is managed by comme il fait and is set in a walkway between commercial establishments.

Kids can visit the Dyada Center at Hanger 17 + 18 on the boardwalk. The center has a large outdoor plaza where activities are held for kids and a café facing the sea for the moms and dads. The center is based in an historic building where there are one-off activities and yearlong weekly activities. Kids and pregnant women can attend courses, happenings and activities including swimming lessons for babies.The port has an indoor Port Market open daily in Hanger 12 and Farmers’ Market held on Fridays. There is also a weekly Artists’ and Collectors’ Fair on Saturdays.