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Rothschild Boulevard (Sderot Rotchild) is one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful and historic throughways running from Neve Tzedek north to the Habima Theatre. The tree-lined avenue has a wide pedestrian island in the middle running the length of the boulevard and the buildings on either side are mostly classic Bauhaus. The boulevard beckons you to linger with its thriving café culture, art galleries, benches beneath the trees down the center of the boulevard and charming sidewalk restaurants, boutiques and historic landmarks.

Rothschild Eateries

Among the chic venues on Rothschild there is Milgo & Mibar; Tony Vespa Pizza; Vong, with an outdoor patio and Social Club. Café Europa has a garden yard, balcony and rooftop bar. On the tree-covered island in the boulevard there is the Rothschild Coffee Kiosk, a small structure with a long history. The kiosk has been featured in classic Israeli movies and was the site where Prince William met Netta Barzeli (winner of the Eurovision competition) in 2018.

Rothschild Nightlife

When the sun goes down Rothschild continues to buzz with restaurants, bars and night clubs. Nightclubs include Billie Jean, a throw-back American-style club; the Alphabet Nightclub and BuXa a hipster bar with walls lined with art. Jimmy Who is a nightclub with three zones and the Breakfast Club is where you end up in the early hours of the morning. Some of the venues are lucky enough to have a rooftop view overlooking Rothschild Boulevard like Speakeasy – a sleek bar and restaurant with unmatched views.

Architectural Highlights on Rothschild 

Famous architectural gems along Rothschild include the Lederberg House built in 1925 where Rothschild meets Allenby Street. You can still see the ceramic mural on the façade depicting pioneering Jewish settlers working the land. The Russian Embassy is housed in a beautiful building constructed in 1924. The building of the French Institute was one of the first built along Rothschild Boulevard in 1909.

Independence Hall

In a modest building at 16 Rothschild Boulevard is Independence Hall. It was here on May 14th 1948 that Ben Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel. Today it is a museum with the original room of the meeting preserved.

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