Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv

About this place

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel Aviv University is home to Israel’s national collection of natural history artifacts including 5.5 million items. The exhibitions tell the story of nature and the world around us. At the museum, items are displayed using the latest multi-sensory and experimental exhibition techniques to give visitors a close-up, interaction with nature.

The stunning way that the exhibits are presented captures the imagination of visitors young and old and brings the history of life on our planet alive. This Tel Aviv museum building resembles Noah’s Ark, or a treasure box, which is symbolic of Earth’s natural treasures that the museum holds.

The museum’s permanent exhibits include The Great Bird Migration where models of migrating birds fly over the museum lobby. In Bugs and Beyond you can see live creatures, including those that live in the dark and others that are native to the city. Israel’s Landscapes highlights the habitats in Israel through six diverse dioramas with stuffed and mounted animals.

Form and Function focuses on the physical structure of creatures and how they are built to survive in their habitats. The Human Impact shows the changes man has inflicted on nature, and The Web of Life exhibit shows how all creatures are connected, interact and make existence possible. There is also an exhibit on global warming, biodiversity, the biological evolution of man, and an exhibit of animal caricatures by artists Amos Ellenbogen, and Nir Modad. 

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History can be visited within the framework of a Private Tel Aviv Tour.