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Levinsky Market (Shuk Levinsky) in Tel Aviv’s trendy Florentin neighborhood, was once home to working-class Greek immigrants who arrived here in the 1930s. They opened ma and pa stores and eateries selling home-cooked Balkan food. About a decade later, the Greeks were joined by an influx of Iranian Jews.

They also set up stores and restaurants, selling their own traditional Persian cuisine. Many of the foods introduced to Israel by the Greek and Iranian immigrants can still be seen in Levinsky Market. But today the market is one of the trendiest places to “do lunch” and one of the best places to find delicious, authentic local Tel Aviv cuisine.

Some of What to See, Do, and Eat at Levinsky Market!

Must-try pastries can be found freshly baked at several places in the market including Puny Bakery which has been sending delicious aromas of fresh baked goods onto the market streets since 1922.2. Buy and try spices, nuts, and dry fruit from one of the stores where large sacks of spices spill out onto the sidewalk. The most famous of Levinsky Market spice stores is Pereg Spices.

Stop at Halva Magic to try the sweet halva made from sesame seeds and combined with other delicious ingredients.Cafe Atlas sells liquid concoctions, including coffee, tea, and some unusual herbal brews to treat ailments. Shuk California specializes in dried fruit and roasted nuts.

Among the trendy eateries worth trying is Cafe Levinsky 41; Saluf & Sons Yemenite restaurant; Yahaloma Egyptian cuisine; Burekas Pinso for traditional Turkish pastries, and Nayeb’s Chef House for Persian dishes. Visit Yom Tov Deli or Boutique Naknik for typically Middle Eastern delicacies like dates, olives, cheese, salted fish, and jams.

Visiting Levinsky Market

The market is centrally located and can be easily reached from Carmel Market. It stretches across Levinsky Street from HaAliyah Street to Herzl Street. The shuk operates Sunday to Friday and is closed on Saturdays. The busiest day at the market is Friday when most Israelis don’t work and instead, hit the market for brunch and weekend food shopping.

Although Friday is the most exciting day at the market, it is also when you’ll have to stand in line for a table at the best eateries. And the market closes early on a Friday. The best time to visit Levinsky Market is on a Thursday. If you want to get the most out of a visit to Shuk Levinsky then take a food tour. You’ll get to sample the best foods on offer in this colorful, and unique market.

If you are interested in visiting Levinsky Market, feel free to check out our private Tel Aviv tour. We would also recommend considering a Carmel Market Food Tour for gourmets.

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