Bar-Hopping in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 8/31/2022

Tel Aviv’s not known as the Non-Stop City for nothing! Achingly hip and endlessly cool, there’s no shortage of bars to visit, whether you’re looking for something sophisticated and sedate or boisterous and bizarre. Without a doubt, this is clearly the best city in Israel to go out for the night in

Fruit Mojitos

Fruit Mojitos. Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

And who doesn’t like a cocktail once in a while? Whether you’re supping at creation before heading off to dinner at one of many fine Tel Aviv restaurants, on a hot date night or with friends and ready to lose track of time, there’s nothing better than a cocktail bar to enjoy yourself.

With literally hundreds of bars scattered across the city, we’ve saved you the trouble of asking around, scouring websites or taking your chances. These, in our opinion, are the seven best cocktail bars in Tel Aviv - ranging from classic to whimsical. Get your glad rags on, wait for the sun to go down and head to one of them…fast!

1. Spicehaus Bar, Tel Aviv 

There’s some serious mixology going on at this ‘Cocktail Lab’ of a bar, where you’ll sometimes see staff in the white coats of chemists and drinks are often served in measuring flasks and beakers. Whether it’s a pina colada creation or something hip and funky, like an ‘Istanbul’, you won’t be disappointed. Spicehaus also takes a ‘sharing is caring’ approach with creations meant for more than one, in a unique environment (go to the bathroom and listen to Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’ poem being read to you).

They’ll fix you classics as well as modern creations. Happy hour is 18.00-20.30 and they also have a large outside area which is perfect for people-watching on Dizengoff…as well as getting into the ‘apothecary’ mood. Our tip: Drink: Anything served in a test tube! Eat: Ricotta toasted cheese sandwich with truffle oil and maple syrup.

Address: Spicehaus, Dizengoff Street 117, 03 518-5904.

Spicehouse, the first Sharing Cocktail Bar, Tel Aviv

Spicehouse, the first Sharing Cocktail Bar, Tel Aviv. Photo via

2. Bellboy Bar, Tel Aviv 

The entire philosophy behind Bellboy is that everyone deserves a little fun in life. And fun you will have if you come here because everything is (as they say” rather ‘out of the ordinary). Whether it’s the ‘Tooth Fairy’ (mate-infused pisco, syrup, mint and soda), ‘Breakwater’ (dried-fruit rum, rooibos fruit blend, mandarine Napoleon, tamarind and foam) or ‘Monkey Business (dark rum, sour rum, Vermouth and Benedictine), you’ll be swept off your feet…off to a place that’s beautiful, as the owners boast.

Our tip
: Drink: Try the ‘Holy Water - Mastiha, Eucalyptus, lime, Sauvignon Blanc and myrrh! Eat: The duck pate, which is actually moulded into the shape of a rubber duck! 

Adress: Bellboy, Berdyczewski St 14, 03 728-9213.

Bartender at the Bellboy Bar, Tel Aviv

Bartender at the Bellboy Bar, Tel Aviv. Photo via

3. The Imperial Bar, Tel Aviv 

Run by veteran cocktail bar staff, the Imperial’s aim (as it boasts) is to create a ‘temple to the lost art of the cocktail.’ And this they do - which is why they won award after award for their creations. Choose carefully in this upscale bar, whilst you listen to swing jazz and luxuriate in the old-world ambience.

Customers adore the ‘East of Eden’ (Bombay Sapphire gin, Fino sherry, fresh apple juice and bay leaf-white pepper cordial), the ‘Silver Buddha Punch’ (Banana and pineapple-infused Agricole rums, Amaro Montenegro and silver needles tea cordial) and their famous ‘Prelude to a Kiss’ (Pere Magloire apple brandy, pisco Capel, fresh lime and peach jam). Our tip: Drink: The Dollar Shake (a show-stopping strawberry milkshake creation). Eat: Portobello mushrooms in creme fraiche for the veggies or fish tacos for the pescatarians!

: The Imperial Craft Bar, Hayarkon Street 66, 073 264-9464.

Food and drink at Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar, Tel Aviv

Food and drink at Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar, Tel Aviv. Photo via CraftCocktailBar

4. The Library Bar at the Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv

The decor and ambience at the Norman hotel simply ooze style and no less should be expected at their famed Library Bar. With its Art Deco design and intimate sofa seatings, it attracts a very high-end clientele and is often quite busy. With quiet music playing in the background, and attentive professional staff, this is the perfect place to try one of their creations - and if it’s not on the menu, their bar staff will certainly make it for you.

Customers love their Whisky Sour and gin-infused creations and although the prices aren't cheap, you do get complimentary snacks with your drink. Perfect for a romantic date night or a serious conversation! Our tip: Drink: It’s got to be the espresso martini. Eat: Courgette fritters for the veggies and any of their seafood dishes otherwise.

: The Library Bar, Norman Hotel, 23-25 Nachmani Street, 03 543-5555.

The Library Bar, Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Library Bar, Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo via The Library Bar

5. Double Standard Bar, Tel Aviv 

Situated in the Old North neighbourhood (a stone’s throw from the Tel Aviv Port (Namal), this laid-back bar has both indoor and outdoor seating, and the patio area is perfect for breezy spring and summer evenings. They have both classic cocktails (such as the Old-Fashioned and a mean Negroni) and more amusing creations served very creatively (in themed glasses). 

Gin-infused and creamy coffee creations are popular. What’s even better (and a clever idea they dreamed up during the Covid pandemic) is that they sell bottled cocktail mixes, which you can take home and drink at your leisure (great for impressing dates or spoiling yourself on a night in). Happy hour is 18.00 - 20.00 and works on a 1+1 basis.

Double Standard has a lively vibe and friendly service (which often includes a free shot!)  Enjoy! Our tip: Drink: Their Bloody Mary is served in a hospital-like IV bag, which is always good for a laugh…Eat Bruschetta pizza for the veggies and a mini-burger for the carnivores.

Address: Double Standard, Dizengoff Street 247, 03 966-8948.

Double Standard Bar, Tel Aviv

Double Standard Bar, Tel Aviv. Photo via Double Standard

6. Concierge Bar, Tel Aviv

Walking into Concierge, as some worldly Israelis will tell you, is a bit like walking into a bar in Paris. With smooth jazz music in the background and a stylish design, you can pretend you’re in Europe for the night (save for the more dressed-down approach). The cocktails all have crazy, funky names like ‘Smelly Cat’ (think Phoebe in ‘Friends’), ‘Back to Black’ (paying homage to Amy) and ‘Brain Freeze’ and the flavours really are innovative.

Their service is also efficient and professional. Happy hour is Sunday - Thursday from 17.00 - 20.00, when bar prices drop 50% and kitchen fare is 25% less. Our tip: Drink: Try the ‘Pink Floyd’ - made of Espolon Tequila Reposado, Aperol, pink guava, banana and grapefruit, and banana, it’s bound to leave you grinning from ear to ear. Eat: Polenta fries for the veggies and beef gnocchi served with beets and cashew nuts for the carnivores.

Address: Concierge, Dizengoff Street 95, 03 522-3340.

Bartenders in Concierge Bar, Tel Aviv

Bartenders in Concierge Bar, Tel Aviv. Photo via Concierge_tlv

7. Potion Bar, Tel Aviv

If you’re a whisky aficionado, then this has to be the place for you. Not only has this joint got a magical atmosphere (it’s spread over three floors), but as well as the drinks there’s a pool table (free to use) on the upper floor and a table tennis table in the basement! Potion, as well as the 170 whiskies on its menu, serves all kinds of original cocktails, as well as homemade mead.

For those of you that aren’t in the loop, mead is a kind of honey wine, and Potion’s creation is mighty fine. All drinks are served creatively, as ‘potions’ (customers rave about the purple one) and there’s plenty of old-style music - 80’s rock included. Our tip: Drink: Either one of their whisky creations or a Moscow Mule. Eat: Anything - it’s all delicious ‘pub grub’.

Address: Potion, Allenby Street 16, 050-770-0590.

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Whiskey in a snifter glass

Whiskey in a snifter glass. Photo via Potion Bar