Activities in Jerusalem

There is plenty to see in Jerusalem, and most of the attractions are historical or religious. But what if you want to do an activity, an extreme sport, or have an outdoor experience? Well, Jerusalem has plenty of those too. Do the Ramparts Walk along the top of the Old City walls or go underground to the City of David and the 2,700-year-old Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Here you can walk through narrow tunnels hewn from the rock, as you wade through shallow water. Other attractions hidden beneath the ground are Zedekiah’s Cave and the Western Wall Tunnels.

Jerusalem is a great city for cycling. It’s a fun activity where you can discover many of the city’s hidden gems. There are bike paths, as well as bike rental, and bike tours in Jerusalem. For arts and crafts activities try Ein Yael Living Museum, where you can try your hand at traditional crafts. The city is packed with artistic opportunities from glass blowing, to pottery. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, visit one of Jerusalem’s many parks like Sacher Park, Gilo Park, or Independence Park. Jerusalem is surrounded by stunning national parks, and nature reserves, crisscrossed with nature trails for hiking.

Jerusalem has a plethora of sporting activities for visitors, including a 750m climbing wall at Teddy Stadium, a trampoline and extreme park in the First Station Compound, escape rooms, shooting ranges, paintball, rope courses, and ATV adventures through the hills of Jerusalem. You can even go rappelling (snappling) at the Valley of Hinnom, within view of the Old City.

For a more laid-back activity, why not take a tour of local Jerusalem wineries, a culinary market tour, visit the Biblical Zoo, the Jerusalem aquarium, or take a cooking class. Just a short distance from Jerusalem you can find even many activities, like rock climbing, hiking, and diving.