Liebling Haus White City Center

About this place

Liebling Haus in Tel Aviv is home to the White City Center. Here Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus and International-style architecture is showcased. The White City Center is a joint project of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Tel Aviv Foundation, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Tel Aviv’s White City buildings were constructed from the 1930s to the 1950s.

At the time, British Mandate Palestine saw an influx of European Jews including architects and artists from the Bauhaus movement. The European architectural style shaped the new city of Tel Aviv. The newly arrived architects adapted the typical Bauhaus features to suit Middle Eastern culture, climate, and available local building materials.

The building designs emphasize functionality. For example, the positioning of balconies and windows allows for a cool flow of air and ventilation. Tel Aviv is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site for having approximately 4000 modernist buildings, the highest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

Liebling Haus, Tel Aviv

Liebling Haus has typical Bauhaus-style architecture and was the country’s first building to have elongated recessed balconies adapted from the original Bauhaus style to suit the local climate. It was designed by Dov Karmi and built by Tony and Max Liebling in 1936 as a residential building. Liebling Haus was home to three affluent immigrant families from Europe.

Other significant features of Liebling Haus include the timbered pergola and the structure’s long, narrow shape. The building comprises two blocks (front and back) each with three stories and a stairwell connecting the two blocks. When visiting Liebling Haus the building itself is an attraction. 

Visit Liebling Haus White City Center

The innovative design and commitment to functionality throughout is a perfect example of Tel Aviv’s White City buildings.  The center’s exhibits include a timeline showing the city’s architectural development. On a visit to Liebling Haus you can get a sense of the people who once occupied this residential building and through the exhibits learn about the German migration to British Mandate Palestine in the 1930s-40s.

Don’t miss the rooftop terrace that offers views across Tel Aviv. Liebling Haus (Beit Liebling) is located at 29 Idelson St, Tel Aviv and is open Sunday to Thursday 08:00-16:00, Friday 08:00-14:00, and Saturday 10:00-14:00. The entrance is free.