Digital Nomadism in Israel: The Complete Guide

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/27/2024

So you’re thinking of being a digital nomad in Israel? Every digital nomad will need to ask themselves a few key questions about cost, safety, WiFi access, cultural differences, and general quality of life in their new ‘temporary home’ before they book their flight ticket.   

Digital nomads who visit Israel for the first time can testify: It's easier than in Europe! most nationalities receive a free 90-day visa on arrival, English is widely spoken (as well as French, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish) and the country’s incredibly diverse population and unusual places to hang your hat means that a working holiday in the holy land has never been more simple to organize. 

Digital nomadism in israelIsrael is a great spot for Digital Nomads; keep reading and learn why!

Below we’ll try and answer some of your questions before you arrive, what we think are the best cities in Israel for digital nomads, as well as a few tips on what to do when you’ve finished your work and are looking for some fun!

Is Israel safe?

Although you might not think so on reading the news, Israel’s actually an extremely safe country to travel and work in. The crime rate is very low, the streets are very safe to walk at night and women travelling alone here will feel very comfortable.  

digital nmadism in israelA local co-working space

Of course, periodically there are ‘flare-ups’ but most of these happen in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, so the chances are you’ll be far removed from trouble. Moreover, Israelis are hospitable and helpful and love to meet strangers, so the chances are that if you do have a difficult experience, it will be ‘offset’ by kindness and generosity.

Is Israel Cheap?

We have to be honest, Israel is not a cheap destination, and while a short 2-day trip to Tel Aviv won't be expensive, living there is another story. However, once you’ve shelled out for accommodation, you can keep your budget down by buying produce at local markets, eating Israeli street food, and enjoying all kinds of cheap or free activities (hiking, cycling, beach outings).

digital nomadism in israelThe food is great, and the people are laid-back

The country is jammed full of national parks, nature reserves, ancient fortresses, holy sites, fantastic Israeli Museums, and galleries, many of which cost little or nothing to enter. So if you budget accordingly, working remotely in Israel won’t be as eye-wateringly expensive as some people tell you.

What are the best cities in Israel to be a Digital Nomad?

Israel’s a small country with an enormous amount going on, but if we had to choose five cities in which we think you could enjoy yourself, these are it…

Digital Nomads In Tel Aviv

Vibrant, dynamic, international, buzzy, and 24/7 - these are some of the words visitors use after they’ve spent time in Tel Aviv, aka the Non-Stop City.

digital nomads in tel avivThe lovely port of Jaffa is just a short ride from the city center

From beaches and boutique stores to Bauhaus architecture and some top restaurants, Tel Aviv is a place it’s hard not to fall in love with. There are so many charming neighborhoods to base yourself in - including Neve Tzedek, Kerem Hateimanim (the Yemenite Quarter), and Florentin - that you; 'll soon feel like a local.

What to do in your free time:  

  • Wander in ancient Jaffa, rummage in the flea market, stroll through the artist's quarter, and sit at the port, staring out at the beautiful blue sea. There are some great guided walking tours in Jaffa you can take to learn what's where and discover the city's awesome history.   
  • Take a food tour in Carmel Market, wander around Rothschild Boulevard (full of Bauhaus buildings), and enjoy a cocktail at one of the city’s most fashionable bars.
  • Spend time at Tel Aviv’s pristine beaches - with white sand and clear water, they’re perfect for sunbathing, watching sunsets, and walking on at night. Check out this guide to find the best beaches in Tel Aviv. 

Digital Nomads In Jerusalem

Evocative, mysterious, beautiful, sacred, magical - Jerusalem has beguiled visitors for as long as we can imagine and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Digital Nomadism in IsraelVisit the walls of Jerusalem

The capital of Israel, and home to three major world religions, there’s no place like it - stay in hipster Nachlaot, trendy Emek Refaim, or the historic German Colony, and either walk downtown or jump on the Jerusalem light railway.

What to do in your free time: truly, you are spoilt for choice!

Digital Nomads In Haifa

The capital of Israel’s north, Haifa is a big hidden gem - it doesn’t have the glamour of Tel Aviv or the notoriety of Jerusalem but it’s beautiful, charming, historic, and also a much cheaper place to stay in Israel than other big cities.  

Digital Nomadism in Israel

The Bahai Gardens of Haifa

Look for a place in Wadi NisNas (a Christian-Arab neighborhood, famous for its falafel joints), the German Colony (established by Templars), or Ahuza (with many students and English speakers). Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, it’s a safe and green city, with wonderful views of the Mediterranean.

What to do in your free time: 

  • Enjoy the Carmel National Park, which is on your back door. Known as ‘Little Switzerland’ it’s full of woodlands, streams, and hiking trails. 
  • Wander through the Bahai Gardens, the most beautiful in the Middle East.
  • Take an Acre and Caesaria tour to see the ancient Crusader City, and the famous city built by King Herod and boasting some very impressive archaeological ruins; Don't miss Rosh HaNikra (home to beautiful grottoes), all easily accessible by train and bus.  

Digital Nomads In Eilat

Eilat’s got a reputation for being a party city in Israel and, for sure, it’s a good place to chill out.  Nestled on the Red Sea, close to both the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, it receives almost no rain and is a great place to head if you enjoy scuba diving, sailing, eating dinner by the water, and rocking nightlife.

digital nomadism in israelHow about working right next to the sea?

Eilat is a smallish city (population around 52,000) but growing - neighborhoods worth looking into include Amdar (close to the seafront), Shahmon (quiet and residential), or a nearby kibbutz (all of which rent accommodation privately and are between 20-40 minutes north by bus).

What to do in your free time:

  • Visit the magical Dolphin Reef and Coral World Observatory
  • Do some hiking in Timna Park, just 20 20-minute drive north, and home to an ancient copper mine and weird and wonderful rock formations.
  • Discover Joradan! there are many Petra and Wadi Rum guided tours that will show you the Lost City of Petra, a marvel that must be seen.

Digital Nomads In Nazareth

Nazareth is Israel’s largest Arab city and also home to one of Israel’s most famous churches, the Basilica of the Annunciation, where an angel visited Mary and told her she would give birth to Jesus. Dating back to Roman and Byzantine times, it has a bustling market and several religious sites, and particularly fascinating for Christian pilgrims.

digital nomadism in israelFeel the magic of Nazareth

Nazareth is cheaper to stay in than other cities in Israel, and probably the best place to stay is in or around the Old City, which is beautiful and fascinating, or perhaps up in the hills, which is quieter and wonderfully pastoral.

What to do in your free time:

  • Explore around! take a Galilee 2-day trip: it is a stunningly beautiful area and extremely special for Christian pilgrims since it is where Jesus spent much of his adult life ministering.
  • Hike in one of the many national parks in northern Israel - from the Bunias waterfalls to the Tiberias hot springs, there’s natural beauty at every turn.
  • Take a Golan Heights tour and visit boutique wineries, take a jeep tour along the border with Syria, and hang out with young Israelis in the regional capital of Katzrin.

Finally, if you’d like any further information about the organized packages, day tours, and privately-guided trips that we offer across the country, feel free to contact us by email or phone and, in the meantime, take a look at our blog, where you can find out much more about life in Israel.