Tel Aviv's Best Beaches Guide

By Sarah Mann | Published on 11/11/2023

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tel Aviv has it all art galleries, live music, great food, pulsating nightlife, quirky coffee shops, and plenty of pretty people in them!

But what gives it that ‘extra something’ is its spectacular coastline, with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water that stretches the length of the city. Perfect for cooling off in the summer and taking long walks along in the mild winters, you’re free to lie on the sand, stroll by the water, or take in the view from the famous ‘tayelet’ Tel Aviv beach promenade.

Tel Aviv’s Beaches

Tel Aviv beaches all have their particular style and personality and whether you’re looking for something family-friendly, a place to surf, a gay-friendly spot, or a chance to join a local volleyballing crowd, you won’t be disappointed. As well as the traditional favorites, there are also spots where you can bring your dog, watch teenagers perfecting their Brazilian martial arts moves, and enjoy gender-segregated sunbathing.

tel aviv beachesEnjoy the best beaches in the Middle East!

So which one should you choose? Here’s our rundown of where to head when you’re ready to kick off your shoes, put on your bathing suit, and hit the golden sands in the Mediterranean city that never sleeps…

1. Hilton Beach

Named after the luxury hotel it sits beside, Hilton Beach is in north Tel Aviv and is the city’s unofficial gay stretch of sand (if you visit here during Tel Aviv Pride Week in June, you’ll see rainbow flags fluttering everywhere). It’s extremely beautiful, with golden sand and blue-green water, and is situated under a cliff area (above it is Independence Park, great to sit and watch the sunset).  

beaches in tel avivThe lovely colors of the beach are just what you need for a relaxing vacation!

Sitting left of a breakwater (perfect for calm swimming) the Hilton Beach also has a fabulous bar/restaurant named TopSea, where you can sip cocktails and juices whilst lounging in hammocks and lazing on sofa beds, whilst chilled music plays in the background.  

Moreover, it’s also well positioned for kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing (you can rent all the gear you need there), and just south of it lies the marina, where you can rent boats. And if you need to park, the Hilton hotel offers an underground lot (not cheap, but very convenient).  

2. Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach takes its name from the street that runs from the promenade, down to the city’s Rabin Square, and it is perfect for sports lovers- it’s home to an upmarket gym with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool (day passes are available) as well as volleyball nets on the sand, and sports equipment you can rent on the nearby promenade.  

beaches in tel avivGordon Beach, next to the Gordon Swimming Pool complex

The restaurant there- LaLa Land - is perfect for you if you want to eat lunch with your toes in the sand. If you head down there on Saturday mornings, you can hang out and watch locals playing the market (Israel’s favorite beach sport) and dancing to Israeli folk music. Gordon Beach is always popular so get there early if you want a prime spot.

3. Frishman Beach

Continuing from Gordon there’s Frishman Beach, close to the iconic Dan Hotel (with its colored façade) and the US Embassy. Because it’s so close to many of the big hotels, it’s invariably crowded but that doesn’t make it less fun- it’s also got beachside restaurants where you can grab coffee, snacks, and plenty of lunch fare too (by no means cheap, but you're paying for the location).  

beaches in tel aviv

A statue of David Ben Gurion, the first PM of Israel and a national hero, right next to the beach

Frishman Beach is also good for families- there are changing facilities (great for kids and babies) and sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. But it gets crowded on the weekends, so be prepared to jostle for a spot! And if you’re up for it, pose next to the iconic statue of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion standing on his head (he was captured here in 1957 by photographer Paul Goldman, in that very position!)

4. Banana Beach

Another great spot to relax is Banana Beach, not far from Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and a short walk from historic Jaffa, it's a little more quiet and secluded than the hectic ‘city center’ beaches. Moreover, because of the wind and occasional waves in the winter months, it’s ideal for kitesurfers and parasailers.

beaches in tel avivThe Banana Beach area

As well as its breakwater and small jetty, Banana Beach is also known as the ‘drum beach’ because this is where free-spirited Tel Aviv come with their instruments on Friday afternoon, to welcome in Shabbat. Anyone who feels like it can just show up with a drum and participate, but onlookers are welcome to watch the sessions!  

5. Bograshov Beach

Whatever the weather, Bograshov Beach is always popular- maybe it’s because of its central location, yoga lovers, paddle boarders, or Tel Aviv's who come here Friday at sunset to welcome in Shabbat with open-air services, but with its white sand, plenty of space and turquoise waters, it’s known and loved by every local.  

beaches in tel avivThe Bograshov Beach area

As well as the obligatory sunbeds, ice cream stores, and outdoor gym, Bograshov boasts the popular La Mer beach restaurant, which is lit at night by red cones and is a fine place to sit with a drink and listen to the waves lapping calmly. Of course, if you’re there during the day, and don’t want to get up, they’ll even bring your lunch to your sun lounger!  

6. Alma (Charles Clore) Beach

This is the most southerly of Tel Aviv’s beaches and is popular both with dog owners (like the dog beach next to the Hilton Beach, this is where furry friends can run free) but it’s also one of the city’s best spots to surf. In the winter months, especially when the weather turns stormy, you’ll see plenty of locals (and a few tourists) in their wetsuits, having fun with the tremendous waves.

beaches in tel avivThe lovely Alma Beach

It’s less quiet than other beaches and it’s also just a stone’s throw from Jaffa, if you feel like a trip to the famous Jaffa Flea Market, strolling by the ancient Jaffa Port, or wandering in the beautiful Artist’s Quarter - you can have it all with a nice Jaffa walking tour.

7. Metzitzim Beach

North of the Hilton beach lies Metzitzim - in Hebrew, this means ‘Peeping Tom’ and it gets its name from an iconic 1970s movie, which was actually set on this stretch of sand!

Metzitzim is cove-shaped and popular with families since it has a breakwater barrier- the lack of waves makes it ideal for children to swim. With golden sand and crystal clear water, it’s utterly picturesque- just grab a beer or an iced coffee from its restaurant and stare out onto the horizon.

beaches in tel avivPeople enjoying at Metzitzim Beach (Image source: Udi Steinwell CC BY 2.5)

As well as being next door to Tel Aviv’s Namal port (full of bars, clubs, and restaurants) this beach is much less busy during the off-season, which makes it the ideal place to head if you want some peace and quiet between November and April. It’s also got a parking lot, which is handy if you’re coming with the family, and plenty of beach gear.

8. Nordau Beach 

This dedicated gender-segregated beach was set up to meet the religious needs of orthodox Jews in Tel Aviv who keep certain traditions that pertain to modesty and separation. Sitting between Hilton and Metzitzim, the way it works is that on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays it's open for women, and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for men. Saturday (Shabbat) is a day that the beach is open to everyone.  

beaches in tel avivEven the most strict orthodox Jews can enjoy the beach in Tel Aviv!

There’s a wall built around the area (so it’s impossible to peek in from the outside) but inside it has clean golden sand and perfectly blue waters. Something else- if you’re a woman who’s looking for a way to swim and sunbathe without men around, this is a good place for a quiet day. You don’t have to be religious to use this beach - so it’s ideal for any female who likes her privacy.

9. Tel Baruch Beach

North of the Tel Aviv port, this well-maintained beach with a stunning shoreline is far more popular with locals than tourists but is well worth a visit, because of its beautiful views, pristine sand, and clear blue waters.  

beaches in tel avivThe Tel Baruch Beach area

Well-maintained, Tel Baruch is also popular with young families, not just because it has ample parking but because it has a breakwater that softens the waves. It has an outdoor exercise area, a fine beachside restaurant, and a picnic area, it’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to get away from ‘rowdy’ city beaches!  

If you’re visiting the Non-Stop City and looking for things to do as well as enjoy its beaches, why not consider taking a Tel Aviv guided tour - whether you’re interested in food, Bauhaus architecture, cycling, or searching for bargains in flea markets, we’ve got something for you to enjoy.