About this place

An oasis in the Judean desert, north of Masada and overlooking the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi is blessed with an abundance of water from natural springs. It was here that David hid from the wrath of King Saul (Sam I 23 and 29). “My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Ein Gedi” (Solomon’s Song 1:14), famous also for its dates and persimmon.

Archaeological remains which date as far back as the chalcolithic period, include the mosaic floor of a 6th-century synagogue. There are a number of hiking trails in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and a lookout from which one can view grazing gazelle and ibex. Home to many animals there is also a family of small leopards.The botanical gardens in the grounds of the kibbutz have a large selection of cacti and on the shores of the Dead Sea is a spa run by the kibbutz which also has a guest house.

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