About this place

Metsuke Dragot is situated along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. The site is a popular stop on desert safaris. Metsuke Dragot means rank or gradient cliffs in Hebrew and it looms above Murabat Wadi, a dry ravine facing the Dead Sea just 6 km away. You may imagine it is a dry landscape but it is actually rich with desert streams, secret caves and lush vegetation. 

An ecologically friendly community has been built on the edge of the cliffs offering a number of facilities and levels of accommodation from dormitories and tents to simple guest rooms. The hostels and guesthouses perched on the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea have spectacular views.

Jeep Safaris to Metsuke Dragot

On a typical jeep safari into the Judean Desert, there are stops at Metsuke Dragot to take in the views and learn about local flora and fauna. Other Judean Desert safari stops may include the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found; Ras Nekeb Kamar; Wadi Tekoah; Ein Kedem hot spring pools and the Dead Sea. Metsuke Dragot is a great base for extreme sports, hiking and climbing in the desert. Visitors on jeep excursions can enjoy hospitality in a traditional Bedouin tent.

The Beach at Metsuke Dragot

Below the cliffs and across route 90 is the Metsuke Dragot beach. The beach attracts a mixed bunch of people who come to escape the hustle and bustle of the rat race. You can see hippie-types, nudists, families and groups of friends all enjoying the beach’s rock pools, the sea and waterfront reeds and trees. It is a place to really relax and connect with nature and yourself. 

Near the shore of the Dead Sea at Metsuke Dragot you can see where a sweet water stream flows into the salty Dead Sea. In contrast, there is a natural thermo-mineral sulfur spring that reaches temperatures of 50°C. Thanks to the winter flood water that flows down through the Judean Desert to Metsuke Dragot and into the Dead Sea it is the only Dead Sea beach with sand rather than large pebbles. 

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