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Ein Bokek Beach

International visitors to Israel are often unaware that there are beaches on the shores of the Dead Sea where you can enjoy the usual beachfront pleasures but also the wonders of this unique location. Each of the beaches along Israel’s Dead Sea shore has its own charm but Ein Bokek Beach is unique in being right in front of the “Dead Sea Strip,” where all of the best Dead Sea hotels are located. Ein Bokek is also known as the Dead Sea’s “Tourist Zone” and the beach is conveniently next to stores, malls, and restaurants. For visitors staying at one of the Dead Sea hotels, the Ein Bokek beach is perfect! You can step right out of your hotel onto the sand. 

Visiting Ein Bokek Beach

Beautiful Ein Bokek beach is a wide sandy beach that is kept immaculately clean. Ein Bokek beach is open year-round and is free. The beach amenities include sunshades, beach chairs, water fountains, toilets, and showers. Not only that but if you want you can visit the Ein Bokek Solarium, a world-renowned skin treatment center. You can walk down to the beach at any time, night or day, but the official open hours are daily from 7 am to 5 pm. During these hours there are lifeguards on duty. The most recent addition to Ein Bokek beach is a promenade that runs the length of the beachfront.

The Dead Sea Experience at Ein Bokek

At Ein Bokek beach you can enjoy the Dead Sea experience of floating in the thick, salty water. The water, which is 9 times more saline than the ocean makes it impossible to sink. It is the concentration of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea region that makes it such a special environment. Located 400 meters beneath sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowers point on the planet.

Each of the environmental elements at the Dead Sea has some beneficial quality. The water is rich in salts and minerals that nourish the skin. Dead Sea minerals are used in health and beauty treatments for skin, joint, and muscle ailments. The black Dead Sea mud can be used to rejuvenate the skin as it simultaneously extracts toxins from the skin and nourishes it. The Dead Sea air is dry, practically allergen-free, and has 15% more oxygen than other regions, which is great for respiratory disorders.

Being 400 m below sea level the Dead Sea is so low that many of the harmful UV rays are filtered. People with skin conditions like psoriasis come to the Dead Sea for heliotherapy (sun therapy) as here they can safely enjoy the sun. In fact, experts say that the combination of natural elements at the Dead Sea is relaxing and can put you in a good frame of mind. 

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