Jewish Sites in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been the ancestral and spiritual home of Judaism since the 10th century BC. The city is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible more than 600 times, and for Jews, Jerusalem is deeply symbolic in many ways. Almost 2,000-years-ago, the holy Jewish Temple stood on Temple Mount.

Visitors can take the Jerusalem Temple Mount & Dome of the Rock Tour to see where the Jewish Temple once stood. Jews believe that when the Messiah comes the Temple will be rebuilt. Until then, the most sacred Jewish site, and the place closest to the Holy of Holies on Temple Mount, is the Kotel, or Western Wall. All Jewish visitors to Jerusalem should stop at the Western Wall, for a moment’s reflection and to place a prayer note between the ancient stone.

In the Old City’s Jewish Quarter there are several important archaeological sites dating back to the First and Second Temple Periods including the Burnt House and Roman Cardo. While in the Old City you can visit the four Sephardi synagogues including the magnificent Hurva Synagogue. Beyond the Old City walls is Mount Zion, home to King David’s Tomb.

Just outside the Old City walls is the site where King David established the first settlement in Jerusalem about 3,000 years ago. Now hidden beneath ground level, the City of David, ancient tunnels, and the Spring of Gihon can be explored on a City of David & Underground Jerusalem Tour.

To get a comprehensive overview of the top landmarks in Jerusalem, join a Jerusalem Old and New Tour. But if you want to focus on Jewish sites, your best option is a Jerusalem Old City Private Jewish Tour. On a tailor-made private tour, you could see the 1st-century Jewish tombs in the Kidron Valley, the excavations along the Ophel Promenade, and the Tower of David Museum. Visiting Jerusalem is an emotional and significant event in the life of any Jew. The eternal city of Jerusalem will always be home to the Jewish People and welcome them with open arms.