The Colonnaded Street

About this place

The Colonnaded street of Petra was the heart of the ancient city over two millennia ago, and still has lots to offer: Many of its 72 beautiful columns still stand, and visitors love to walk between them, take great pics and marvel at the beauty of the lost Nabatean capital. 

History of the Colonnaded Street, Petra

This street connected the eastern entrance path to Petra to the core of the city and was designed to impress visitors and foreign dignitaries; like the rest of Petra, it was influenced by Hellenistic architecture, and beautiful marble columns accompanied visitors as they walk from the Siq path through the Street of Facades, and into the bristling urban area.

The Colonnaded Street 

The Colonnaded Street was broadened to 6 meters during the Roman occupation, and received further beautification, such as a Nymphaeum fountain, bubbling with water from Wadi Musa creek. This was Petra's main street, surrounded by market areas, the town square, and the royal palace. 

What to See and Do in the Colonnaded Street

The street itself is beautiful and holds plenty of photo ops behind and around every column. Pro Tip: you can sometimes see local crew dressed as Nabatean soldiers, standing guard near the old gate ruins. If you'll find the right frame, without too many tourists around, you can take a super-authentic shot.