Silk Tomb, Petra

About this place

No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting Petra, a city carved out of red-hued desert cliffs by the Nabataean people over 2,000 years ago. When you’re there you’ll see many stunning rock-cut structures including a series of Royal Tombs.

The Royal Tombs are really special and shouldn’t be missed! One of the most exceptional is the Silk Tomb, also known as the Streaked Tomb because of the dazzling shades of the eroded sandstone facade.

The amusing colors of the Silk Tomb in Petra (by Ahron de Leeuw CC BY 2.0)

Pro Tip: To see the colors of the Silk Tomb facade at their best, visit in the late afternoon when the sun sets and casts light on the stone.

The tomb was named the Silk Tomb because of the rich colors of the facade which appears like an iridescent piece of silk draped on the rock. It is uncertain who was buried in the Silk Tomb, but like the other Royal Tombs it dates back to the first half of the 1st century. 

Where is the Silk Tomb?

If you follow the main route through Petra after you go past the Siq along the Street of Facades you will reach a path that takes you to the right, just after you pass the Petra Theater on your left. Follow this path to reach all the Royal Tombs.