Petra Theater (Nabatean Theatre)

About this place

Not so far from the jaw-dropping beauty of El-Khazneh - the treasury of Petra, and the Nabatean lost city's Royal Tombs, sits the Petra Theater. in the 1st century it was a place of captivating performances, and you can still feel the magic in the air. No wonder so many visitors to the Petra Archeological Park say it's such a recommended stop. 

History of The Petra Theater

The Theater, sometimes called the Petra Roman Theater, was built under the rule of Aretas IV, one of the most significant Nabatean kings. He was influenced by the trends of his times; when Herod the Great, king of Judea start building theaters on the other side of the river Jordan -  Aretas decided to do the same.

The Petra Theater

But his theater had a local twist: It was carved in Nabatean fashion, with decorative elements of native tradition. The size and general outline were Roman, yet the Petra Theater was more Nabatean than foreign.

Pro Tip:  It was said that the carved theater had awesome acoustics, even superior to the roman designs. So if you've brought a Guitar on your trip, you just have to play there. 

How do you get to the Petra Theater?

You can reach the theater through the Street of Facades; it's about 400 meters Northwest of the famous Petra Treasury, and 600 meters Southeast of the Great Temple.