A tour in the Jaffa Market

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
1 min

To get a feel of real Middle Eastern character there is nothing better than a tour in one of Israel’s traditional markets or shuks. Perhaps one of the most atmospheric is the Jaffa shuk in Jaffa which is right next to Tel Aviv. The Jaffa flea market consists of several parts. There is a long street where each store front spills onto the sidewalk selling antiques, some genuine and some genuinely junk.

Here many avid antique collectors scourge the second hand furniture stores, Persian carpet stores, and bric-a-brac stores which sell mainly old things rather than antique things. One street over there is a covered bazaar, a narrow row of vendors sell from hole-in-the-wall stores an assortment of clothing, old and new, jewelry and second hand goods. The clothes and other items for sale hang above your head and on every available stretch of wall. Outside in the open air the Jaffa market continues with household goods, DIY equipment, ceramics, toys, musical instruments and even the kitchen sink. You will also find local places to eat in this area which is safe to walk about in even if you are on your own.