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  • Location: Kikar Kdumim 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Open Times: 24/7
  • Prices: Free
  • Average Visit Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Popular Times: Great during the day and also at night when it is lit up. Try to avoid the midday sun. 
  • Special Events: In the Israeli summer there are regular activities and festivals in Kdumim Square alongside the fountain such as the Jaffa Nights festival. 
  • Relevant Tours: A popular spot among Tel Aviv tours, any guided jaunt of Jaffa will take you past this famous fountain.

In the heart of Old Jaffa, is Kdumim Square, where most tourists begin their exploration of this fascinating ancient port city located at the southern end of Tel Aviv. In Kdumim Square you can’t miss the beautiful Zodiac Fountain, an unusual water feature adorned with fun stone Israeli sculptures of the twelve zodiac signs.

What is the Fountain of Zodiac Signs?

The fountain was created in 2011 by local sculptors Ilan Gelber and Varda Ghivoly, with designs of the zodiac characters by Navot Gil. The fountain has twelve zodiac characters carved out of chalkstone.

Zodiac Signs FountainThe Zodiac Signs Fountain in Jaffa

They are rather cartoon-like chubby representations of the zodiac characters such as the Aries ram (which looks more like a cute sheep), the Leo lion, and the two fish for Pisces. The semi-circular pool of the fountain has a low rim so you can sit on it for a cute photo with the zodiac characters in the background. The fountain integrates lighting to bring the characters to life at night.

Pro Tip: If you enjoyed seeing the fountain sculptures by local Jaffa artists then you’ll love the many unique local art galleries tucked away in Jaffa’s Zodiac Lane.

Why Have a Zodiac Fountain in Jaffa?

During archaeological excavations at the site, architectural elements from the Ottoman era were uncovered including walls, floors, a tiled courtyard, aqueducts, and a water reservoir. This seemed to confirm a local legend.

According to the legend, a magical wishing well once stood here, and anyone who threw in a coin and made a wish would have their wish granted. And so zodiac signs which are associated with “luck” became the theme, and water represents the well.

zodiac signs fountainSide view of the fountain

The zodiac theme permeates Jaffa. Notice the names of the lanes throughout Old Jaffa and leading down to the port, they are named after the zodiac signs. The nearby Wishing Bridge connects Jaffa Hill to Kdumim Square and is also decorated with zodiac signs.

What is Near the Zodiac Fountain?

You can reach all of Jaffa’s attractions from the fountain on foot. The closest ones include the Old Jaffa Visitors Center (also known as Jaffa Tales because of the multi-media museum covering the history of Jaffa accessed via the Visitors Center). Towering over Kdumim Square is Saint Peter’s Church.

Saint Peter’s ChurchSaint Peter’s Church

From the fountain, you can access the zodiac lanes that twist and turn down the hill to the Old Jaffa Port. The fountain area is also where you’ll find some of the top restaurants in Jaffa, many with brilliant sea views

Pro Tip: Did you know that Napoleon conquered Jaffa in 1799? Take a selfie with the statue of Napoleon just before you reach the fountain.

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