10 Restaurants with the Best Views in Israel

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/2/2018
Israel’s landscape includes modern urban skylines, vistas of rolling green hills, vineyards, seascapes, arid desert landscapes and skylines of ancient cities with steeples and domes. So with all these amazing vistas it is no wonder that there are several restaurants in Israel with breathtaking views. Here is a run down of some of the best restaurants in Israel with stunning views.

1.2C, Tel Aviv

Located on the 49th floor of one of the Azrieli Towers this restaurant provides diners with a view of Tel Aviv’s urban skyline. The restaurant offers a Mediterranean-gourmet menu which is kosher serving meat dishes. The circular Azrieli Tower is one of three towers – a triangle, square and circle it is also the tallest building in Tel Aviv. The minimum order is a main course but there are also business lunch deals. The food is said to be as good as the view with quality ingredients in classic dishes with a local twist. However make sure you call ahead to book a table next to the window otherwise you won’t have much of a view.

2. Kofi Anan, Mount Bental

The name of this restaurant is a play on the name of the former Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan and the Hebrew word for cloud “anan”. The restaurant is perched on the summit of Mount Bental overlooking the Syrian hills and Syrian border beyond the Golan Heights. From here you can also see Mount Hermon, Kibbutz Merom and the expanse of the Golan Heights. It is said to be the highest restaurant in Israel at 1,165 meters above sea level. The rural location and breathtaking views have made this dairy restaurant iconic. The restaurant is dairy only but is open on Shabbat. The food is basic and includes soups, sandwiches, home-baked goods, cakes and picnic basket fare.

3. Roof Top Restaurant, Jerusalem

This restaurant is virtually on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem just 50 meters away on the roof of the Mamila Hotel. From the outdoor terrace you have unobstructed views into the Old City. Unlike some of the other restaurants on this list you will probably have a great view from almost every table in the restaurant. The menu features grilled meat, fish, salads and pasta using fresh ingredients and innovative twists on classic dishes. The kosher dishes include seared red tuna with vanilla soy sauce, sweet chili and green soy beans. The atmosphere is sophisticated, intimate and perfect for a full meal or drinks.

4. Aladin, Jaffa

This small romantic restaurant in the old port of Jaffa seems to be perched on the corner of the old city walls directly above the sea. Get a seat on the outdoor terrace from where you have a view across the sea passed Andromeda’s Rock to the Tel Aviv coastline. You can see all the way from Jaffa to Tel Aviv along the famous beachfront. The restaurant is housed in a 600-year-old structure with authentic ancient architecture, antique lamps and has been serving satisfied customers for the last 40 years. Aladin serves up non-kosher Mediterranean dishes like freshly caught fish, grilled meat, and salads.

5. Red Sea Star, Eilat

This restaurant is not perched on a high mountain top but rather it is beneath the Red Sea! To reach the restaurant you need to walk across a 70-meter long bridge taking you offshore, across the water to a structure shaped like an up-turned shell. There is outdoor seating above the water or you can go down five meters beneath sea level and sit at a table next to one of the 62 windows. The view is of coral reefs, aquamarine water, and tropical fish. The floor plan of the underwater level is shaped like a star and the décor matches the surroundings. The menu includes meat dishes and seafood dishes.

6. Gazebbo and Al HaMayim, Herzlyia

If you go down to the Sharon beach in Hertzlyia and immediately to your left you will see a restaurant literally on the beach and above it what appears to be another restaurant. Upstairs is Gazebo, a casual bar/restaurant which comes alive at night, and below Al HaMayim (on the water), a restaurant for beach users. Al HaMayim will serve you in your swimsuit and even bring your food to you as you sun yourself in a lounge chair on the sand.

The food at Al HaMayim is non-kosher basic Israeli fare with a few Mediterranean specialties. You’ll find chips, hummus, schnitzel, calamari, toast, kebabs, and more as well as alcohol. Enjoy the laid-back music, the sunsets, and the gorgeous sea views. It doesn’t get more relaxed than this. Upstairs at Gazebo, the food is also non-kosher but the cuisine is of a more sophisticated level.

It is a chef's restaurant with a seasonal menu offering an extensive menu of delicious dishes from sashimi to roast beef and lentil salad to truffle soufflé. Try the platter of pickled sardines, taramosalata, gravlax salmon, tuna salad, olives, pickled lemon, beetroot salad, and cream cheese for under 100ILS.

7. Dag al HaDan, Upper Galilee

At this restaurant, you don’t look down on the view but rather you are surrounded by the stunning views in all directions of lush forest alongside a bubbling brook. In fact, two rivers flow through the restaurant – the Dan and the Hatzbani Rivers. The restaurant seating is on decks literally on the water and the trout on the menu come from the local fisheries. Diners are surrounded by the sound of birds, trees heavy with fruit, and wild vegetation. This is truly a slice of the Garden of Eden. The trout is prepared in a variety of ways and served with standard side dishes.

8. Hellena, Caesarea

From the balcony of Hellena, and through the large windows you can look out over the ancient port of Caesarea and across the Mediterranean. The sea views include the remains of the old Roman port. The food at Hellena is prepared by Chef Amos Sion and includes contemporary and classic Mediterranean dishes using local raw ingredients. The menu includes locally harvested fish, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free dishes, and favorites like goose liver Terrine with pistachios and Uzbekian raisins with Muscat soaked pears.

Other favorites are Norwegian salmon, Arab-style fish stew, pork ribs, scallops, and shrimps in Arak sauce and black mussels in the champagne-butter sauce. As you can see from the menu this restaurant is non-kosher and offers a full range of seafood. Leave room for the tahini ice cream or almond custard with grenadine sauce. If you fancy something a little simpler there are also delicious pizzas on the menu.

9. Beresheet, Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is a town on the edge of the Negev Desert. It overlooks the Mikhtesh Ramon crater, a 40km long, 500 meters deep, and 10km wide crater formed thousands of years ago by a meteor or volcanic activity. The Beresheet Hotel holds a prime location on the lip of the crater and offers luxury accommodation and spa services as well as a superior dairy restaurant and a meat restaurant; both of which are kosher.

The daily restaurant is in a lounge area while the meat restaurant is more formal. From all areas of the hotel, you have views across the crater and Negev Desert including the restaurant. The restaurant is 800 meters above sea level and from the terrace, there are unparalleled views. The architecture of the hotel is designed to blend in with the surroundings and the emphasis is on creating a peaceful and relaxing oasis.

10. Rama’s Kitchen, Jerusalem Hills

This unique restaurant is nestled in the heart of a spice farm facing the Jerusalem Hills. The restaurant first served up food 19 years ago and now only opens on weekends. The breakfast is simple yet amazing. The restaurant has become a culinary landmark. The décor mirrors the down-to-earth menu. There are wooden decks surrounded by spice farms flourishing crops overlooking stunning landscapes.

The kitchen uses contemporary western techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean ingredients. On the menu are dishes like smoked goat cheese flatbread with coriander pesto and fresh figs and almonds. The non-kosher restaurant also serves up fish confit; beetroot tahini and quail egg shakshuka. So that you get a chance to try all the delicious dishes there is a brunch and dinner tasting menu.

In addition to the brunch, lunch, and dinner menus there is a campfire menu which includes a rack of lamb, whole Jaffa red snapper, or duck breast cooked on the bone. The menu changes with the seasons and reflects the restaurant’s close connection with nature. All fruits and vegetables used are organic and locally grown. Freshly picked wildflowers adorn the tables which are made of rough wood and the serving crockery is hand-crafted ceramics.