7 Restaurants with the Best Views in Israel

By Sarah Mann | Published on 4/20/2023

What kind of landscapes can you expect on a first-time visit to Israel? The answer is many.  Israel is incredibly diverse in so many ways - after all, this is a country where people arrived from the four corners of the globe.  And, of course, this will extend to what you see when you travel the Holy Land.  

From snow-capped mountains in the Golan Heights to rolling green hills in the Galilee; from arid desert landscapes to the rooftops of Jerusalem’s Old City and from urban skylines in Tel Aviv to the Mediterranean coastline, Israel has it all.

And what better way to enjoy these views than over a good meal? Our country is famed for its cuisine - from typical Israeli street food to gourmet kosher offerings and celebrity chef restaurants, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.  

So, why not combine the two: astonishing landscapes with fantastic food?  Here’s a rundown of what we think are some of the best restaurants in Israel with a view:

1. Manta Ray, Tel Aviv

This trendy Tel Aviv restaurant, situated on the beachfront, a stone’s throw from the port of Old Jaffa, is well-known for its wonderful views - look out of the window and you’ll see a sandy beach and then the Mediterranean right in front of you.  And whether it’s a hot summer’s evening, and the waves are lapping gently, or a winter’s night and the waves are crashing down, you can’t beat this kind of setting.

The Jaffa sunset is almost Mystic

Manta Ray is known for its fish - especially its fresh seafood - patrons rave about the oysters, jumbo shrimp, toasted calamari, and caramelized mussels. The sea bass with gnocchi, eggplant, and cashews is delicious, and meat eaters can tuck into the osso buco (lamb shank) with mashed potato or beef filet with artichoke hearts, served in a red wine sauce.

Vegetarians should order the mushroom risotto with Manchego cheese and vegans will lick their lips at the thought of their ‘sweet and veggie’ dish (with a pineapple theme).  Manta Ray also has an extensive drinks list, including some killer cocktails. 

Don't skip Manta Ray if you love Seafood Risotto

ProTip: Don’t miss this place, if you’re having a vacation in Tel Aviv. Order the ‘Bourbon Street Blues’ cocktail (made of bourbon, Cinzano, and pineapple cassis) as you listen to the sounds of the sea.

Notre Dame Rooftop Restaurant, Jerusalem

Looking for a spectacular view of Jerusalem, combined with some top-quality cheeses and wines?  Then look no further than the Notre Dame Rooftop Restaurant, which offers both indoor and outdoor dining at the top of the building, directly overlooking the Old City.

Notre Dame of Jerusalem has a lovely, romantic atmosphere

Notre Dame is just a moment from the New Gate and a few minutes walk from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and offers hospitality to Christian pilgrims traveling to Israel from all over the world. However, they know that pilgrims need sustenance too! 

Cheese platters, fondues, imported gourmet cheeses and an extensive wine list await their visitors (the Pontifical Institute also has its own private wine label) along with stunning views of the Dome of the Rock and the two-thousand-year-old walled city, at sunset.

Wine, Cheese - and love

And if you’re ravenous and want to order a three-course meal, that’s ok too - they serve classical European cuisine. With a professional staff, exquisite food, and a view of your dreams, book a table well in advance.

ProTip: the orange creme brulee is divine.

3. MoshButz, Ramot

Touring northern Israel is a good idea; do you want to upgrade your trip with a fine dining experience and eat amazing food whilst enjoying wonderful views overlooking the Sea of Galilee? Then head to Moshbutz, in the town of Ramot located in the eastern Golan heights - where gastronomic delights in the form of all kinds of meat await you.

The Sea of Galilee

Moshbutz crafts its menu around local produce - everything (including the soft drinks and wines) is from nearby - which means you really are having a ‘farm to table’ experience. 

We have to say that this is a restaurant that carnivores will delight in - the owners know their meat, and whether you order the steaks, hamburgers, kebabs, sausages, or carpaccio, you’ll be left grinning.  

Veggies are well-catered for too - there are marvelous salads (apple-cranberry, eggplant, cauliflower) and a wonderful French onion soup. 

The steaks are just amazing

For fish lovers, there’s nothing for it but to order the grilled trout. With attentive staff and astonishing views, booking in advance is essential to secure a table, so plan ahead if you’re traveling to northern Israel.

ProTip: their craft beers are excellent, and the knafeh dessert is top-notch.

4. Dag al ha Dan, Upper Galilee

Nestled in the Upper Galilee lies ‘Dag al ha Dan’ which, translated from the Hebrew, means ‘Fish on the Dan River.’  That’s because this beautiful, rustic restaurant is located next to the Hatzbani stream, which is an extraordinarily scenic spot in Israel’s north. 

The restaurant is located right next to a beautiful stream, shaded by dense vegetation 

Situated right on top of a confluence of water, you’ll see ducks and swans swimming past and if you’re up for it, you can even dip your toes in the water!

As you'd expect from the name, the restaurant’s specialty is fish - locally farmed, it’s utterly delicious (the grilled trout comes highly recommended). 

The River Trout is as fresh as can be

They also serve plenty of good salads and as you sit under willow trees, on wooden benches, listening to dragonflies buzzing and birds flying above you and tucking into the good fare, you’ll feel you’re in heaven. Dag al haDan is, in essence, a must-visit for nature lovers! 

ProTip: try the salmon and the pomegranate juice.

5. Rosemarine in Beresheet, Mizpe Ramon

Beresheet is a luxury hotel in the small desert town of Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev desert, and within its walls is the wonderful Rosemarine restaurant which is surrounded by the most spectacular vistas, cashing in on its extraordinary setting.

Clear, uninterrupted view of the Ramon erosion cirque crater

As you stare out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, bear in mind that this setting is 220 million years old and the geological formations you see make it the largest erosion crater in the world. 

You may even see people hiking inside, or rappelling down its side and, of course, the habitat is full of small creatures including scorpions, snakes, and lizards.

Rosemarine uses local produce (from nearby farms) in its dishes, which include mushroom burgers with black lentils and potato wedges, peppers stuffed with bulgur in tomato sauce, and tofu schnitzel with french fries. 

rich vegetarian Burger

As well as being a vegetarian paradise, they also cater to gluten-free and vegan diners. It’s arguably one of the best dining experiences you will find in a desert!

ProTip: order a pre-dinner frozen margarita and just sit, sip, and stare.

6. Kofi Anan, Golan Heights

Kofi Anan, which sits atop Mount Bental, has the honor of being the highest spot in Israel - 1,165 meters above sea level - and if you come here during your Golan Heights Trip to grab a bite, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views, not just of Israel but also Syria and Lebanon. 

The views from Mount Bental

The name ‘Kofi Anan’ has an interesting story behind it too - Kofi Anan was once the Secretary General of the United Nations, but ‘Anan’ in the Hebrew language means ‘cloud’.  And in the clouds, you’ll be (just remember to bring a sweater, particularly in the winter, since it can get cold).

This is a place that serves simple fare - soups, sandwiches, pizza slices, cakes/cookies, and great coffee; it offers vegetarian/dairy food but it is open on Shabbat.   

This is Shakshuka, a local favorite you just have to try

Outside you’ll find art sculptures lining the walkway and next door there are some well-preserved fortifications and an old underground bunker (dating back to the time of the Yom Kippur War in 1973).

ProTip: order the shakshuka and then the crepe suzette.

7. Fish Market, Eilat

This great little fish and seafood restaurant sits right on the Red Sea in Eilat and is just a short distance from the main city area, so isn’t even always crowded. They often play Greek music inside, for some unknown reason, but don’t let this throw you - it’s really Israel!)

The views of Eilat

A bread basket and complimentary appetizers will arrive at your table whilst you’re choosing your main dish - and whether it’s fried calamari, crab casserole, or grilled shrimp skewers, it’s going to be tasty and fresh. 

The fact that everything’s included in one price also makes it a good deal.  The salmon is perfectly cooked and veggies can order the cheese ravioli in a cream-rose sauce or just feast on all of the salad appetizers.

A local fish dish

Eating good food as you stare out onto views of the Red Sea is a fine way to spend an evening, and if you have a late lunch there when you depart you’ll have a view of the mountains behind you.  This is nature in overload!  

ProTip: the Barramundi fish is excellent and, for dessert, you simply must try the chocolate souffle served with vanilla ice cream.