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  • Open Times: 24/7
  • Prices: Free.
  • Average Visit Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Popular Times: Take a walk along the upper level of the park day or night for spectacular sea views. Pro Tip: Visit in the late afternoon so you can enjoy the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Relevant Tours: A walking tour of Jaffa usually includes HaMidron Garden. you can also take a private Tel Aviv tour and ask to go through this green little gem. 

One of the best parks in Tel Aviv, HaMidron Garden is one of several connecting green patches on the slope down from Jaffa’s Old City to the Tel Aviv promenade. In fact, “HaMidron” means the slope in Hebrew. Of the Jaffa parks, it is the one closest to Tel Aviv on the northern slope of Jaffa’s Old City.

HaMidron GardenHaMidron Garden (Image source: DR. Avishai Teicher CC BY 2.5)

It is an elongated green space between the sea and the Tayelet Mifratz Shlomo Street with stairs connecting paved areas leading down to the Sea Wall Promenade. You can often see fishermen fishing from the promenade at the lower level of the garden. The park is bordered by some of the best attractions in Jaffa, like the Promenade, several top beaches, Al-Bahr Mosque, the Jaffa Theater, and HaPisga Garden. Pro Tip: For something a little unusual check out the adjacent Jaffa Urban Bat Cave.

Hamidron Garden and Midron Park

Hamidron Garden on the northern side of Jaffa’s Old City is not the same place as Midron Park which is on the southern side of the city in the Ajami neighborhood.

Upper Level of HaMidron Garden

At the top of the garden are benches facing the sea, and cast iron cannons, a reminder of when Napoleon conquered Jaffa in 1799. A winding path runs from the top of the garden to the bottom with stairs, and paved areas staggered on the slope.

HaMidron GardenHaMidron Garden (Image source: ORI)

As you walk along the path you’ll notice the remains of several historic buildings among the foliage. These are all that remain of a neighborhood that once stood here. Pro Tip: If you’re into geocaching, there is a cache hidden between the stones of a wall about five steps up the stairs of HaMidron Garden.

The Best Things to Do at HaMidron Garden

First, HaMidron Garden is a connecting point between Old Jaffa and the seafront, or the Tel Aviv promenade thanks to the slope and the stairs. Second, the garden is perfect for watching the sunset and enjoying the views across the sea and along Tel Aviv’s coastline. However, it is not the kind of garden you would go to for wide open spaces, or to take kids to play. If you’re looking for a park in Jaffa with playgrounds, lawns, and other facilities, then check out Midron Park at the southern end of the city. Pro Tip: On the upper level of the park there are water fountains, shade, and benches. 

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