Museums in Galilee

Galilee is usually associated with outdoor activities, but the northern region of Israel also has several unique museums. On Kibbutz Hazorea near Megiddo, you can visit the Wilfrid Israel Museum dedicated to art from the Far East. The Ghetto Fighters Museum in kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot is a Holocaust museum with a section designed for young visitors, without explicit graphics. Near Mount Tabor in Kfar Kama is a museum dedicated to the culture of the Circassian people.

At the Jesus Boat Museum, you can see a biblical-era boat discovered in the nearby Sea of Galilee. The Galilee has been the site of many archaeological discoveries, including those on display at the Upper Galilee Museum of Prehistory. Nazareth Village is an outdoor museum where the biblical village of Jesus’ hometown has been recreated. While in Nazareth visit the Musmar Gallery to see local pottery.

You can find many artists’ galleries and museums in Safed, including the Safed Gallery of Mystical Art, and Otzar HaStam. You could also stop at the Bar-David Museum of Arts & Judaica, Dona Gracia Museum in Tiberias, and the Pioneer Settlement Museum where you can learn about the life of early settlers. For something completely different visit Zami’s Music Box, in Metulla, one of Israel’s northernmost communities.