About this place

Along Israel’s Mediterranean coast, between Caesarea and Haifa, you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Dor HaBonim (the founding generation) beach nature reserve protects a pristine stretch of the coastline extending for 4.5kms. The beach has various facilities include picnic areas, a first aid station, shade, camping area, showers, and a kiosk. Instead of being one continuous stretch of sand, Dor HaBonim beach has more inlets than any other Israeli beach, natural rock pools, and bays.

There is a circular scenic hike trail that connects several stunning beaches and sea lookouts. The trail takes you along the ridge overlooking the water past the Blue Cave, Shell Bay (an inlet lined with a thick layer of shells), and a 20th-century shipwreck. You’ll also see the ancient remains of wells and stone troughs, and Cleopatra Cave (originally man-made but eroded over time). A second trail leads from Kibbutz Nachshonim to HaBonim Beach.

Nearby is Tel Dor National Park with the remains of an ancient city and harbor. Seafaring communities inhabited this area for thousands of years. The natural inlets were used for ships docking on the Mediterranean shore. Dor HaBonim Beach Nature Reserve is the ideal family-friendly destination with sea, sun, history, and nature all rolled into one.

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