Taninim Stream Nature Reserve

About this place

This nature reserve is easy to reach from Tel Aviv and one of the most impressive coastal waterscapes along Israel’s Mediterranean shore. Nahal Taninim (Crocodile Stream) flows from northern Israel near Megiddo to the south of Ma’agan Michael where it pours into the Mediterranean Sea.

The stream marks the southern limit of the Carmel Coastal Plain. The crocodiles that once inhabited the nearby swamps are long gone, but the name remains. Taninim Stream is the cleanest of Israel’s coastal rivers. The nature reserve is a pleasant trip, where you can hike through lush vegetation, along the banks of the stream. This vibrant natural area is rich in birdlife and is home to various small animals.

At the mouth of the stream is Tel Taninim, an archaeological mound with remains from various periods. The Romans built a dam here in the 3rd-4th century BC, creating a large lake to channel water to nearby Caesarea. Another ancient dam was constructed north of the reserve using natural topography, to form a lake in Kabara Valley.

This became the starting point for Caesarea’s Low Aqueduct. You can still see the remains of this dam which include tunnels, deviation pools, and water regulatory devices from the Romans. The ancient dam is well-preserved and a testament to Roman engineering. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and the remains of this ancient water system.

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