Israel National Trail (hiking tour)

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
1 min

The Israeli Trail or Israel National Trail offers an unusual and challenging experience to hike enthusiasts who want to explore the entire country of Israel. The trail runs for approximately 1000km (580-620 miles) from one end of Israel to the other. Hikers can pick up the trail at any point along the route by following the three strips of white, blue and grey which marker the way.

In the southern regions of Israel where urban areas are less prevalent hikers need to either send provisions ahead, carry their supplies with them or make use of Trail Angels. The Trail Angels offer a place to sleep and wash or a lift to those taking the trail. This wonderful community effort adds to the enjoyment of the trail as visitors can get to know locals on the kibbutzim and other Israelis who frequently hike the trail. The trails roughly parallel major highways and roads so in an emergency you can hike to the road for help. It is recommended to carry at least a day’s supply of water with you and in the southern regions be aware of the extreme desert heat. However most hikers say that the desert section of the trail is the most scenic.