Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has over 4,000 restaurants, and that’s not including the hundreds of cafes. The city has a rich tapestry of cuisine from around the world, plus iconic local dishes. Many Tel Aviv restaurants are kosher, which means they serve either no meat or no dairy. This is great for vegetarians! Tel Aviv has been called the Vegan Capital of the World. Vegans should try Anastasia, and Zakaim, while vegetarians will love Café Kaymak.

Tel Aviv’s classic street foods include hummus, falafel, and shawarma. Find great Israeli street food at HaKosem, Hummus HaCarmel, and Itzik HaGadol. Visit HaCarmel, Levinsky, or Jaffa Market for delicious comfort food. With Tel Aviv’s melting pot of cuisines, you have to try the Iraqi sabich sandwich at Sabich Frishman; Indian food at Salam Bombay; and Yemenite food at Saluf and Sons.

Tel Aviv has excellent chef restaurants like Eyal Shani’s Miznon; Mashya, by Chef Yossi Shitrit; Chef Chaim Cohen’s Yaffo-Tel Aviv, and Chef Israel Aharoni’s Hiro ramen bar. Get upmarket gourmet cuisine at Topolopompo; The Brasserie, and TYO. Tel Aviv’s top restaurants include Claro, a farm-to-table restaurant; Taizu, an Asian-Mediterranean restaurant, and the unique Popina. For excellent burgers try Vitrina; for fish visit The Old Man and the Sea; try the Kitchen Market at Namal Tel Aviv, and get a classic Israeli breakfast at Dallal.