Tour Type: Tour Package
Duration: 3 Days
Departure days: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed
Languages: English, Spanish


This Aqaba, Petra, and Wadi Rum 3-day tour offers stunning Middle Eastern landscape, a touch of the fantastic beaches of Aqaba, a visit to the famous city of Petra - one of the Seven New Wonders of the World - and an exciting jeep safari in Wadi Rum.

Take a short flight to Eilat, then quickly cross the border into the neighboring country of Jordan. Start your adventure with a visit to Mamluk Castle, a fortress towering over the border nexus of Aqaba Bay. Then enjoy free time in the seaside city of Aqaba, where you'll enjoy optional beach activities such as boating+snorkeling, and a private beach. 

Next, you'll take a thrilling jeep tour of Wadi Rum, a striking desert wilderness with a lunar-looking terrain, and a chance to snap some one-of-a-kind photos. Several Star Wars movies were shot here, and you'll see why.

After an authentic and cozy night in a genuine Bedouin camp, You'll head for Petra. This impressive city was carved out of the red-hued desert cliffs 2,300 years ago, and its temples and tombs await you - starting with the world-renowned Petra Treasury

See the mysterious Djinn Blocks and the unique Obelisk Tomb, Walk in the footsteps of ancient rulers to the Royal Tombs, and take exceptional shots of the Nabatean Theater from between the huge columns. 

After a night in a great hotel next to Petra, you'll have a full day of scouting, hiking, trying local cuisine, and more. This is your opportunity to see the fantastic Great Temple of Petra and the Petra Monastery - a giant structure of rare splendor- at the end of a ridge trail with astonishing views.

Tour Overview

Take a short flight from Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv (Terminal 1) to Ramon Airport near Eilat.

From the Airport, you will embark on an incredible journey starting in the captivating city of Aqaba. Stroll through its enchanting and vibrant narrow streets, immersing yourself in its picturesque charm. Your path then leads to the magnificent Mamluk Castle, a formidable fortress from the 16th century that grants you an awe-inspiring panoramic view. With just a single glance, you'll behold the captivating borders of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. You'll have free time to enjoy beach activities such as boating+snorkeling, and fun at an awesome private beach with a pool and a Jacuzzi. 

Next, you'll venture into the breathtaking expanse of Wadi Rum, a mesmerizing desert wilderness often referred to as the "Valley of the Moon." Hop aboard a powerful Jeep and let it transport you through this extraordinary landscape that seems otherworldly. As you traverse the terrain, you'll be amazed by the surreal beauty that surrounds you, reminiscent of scenes straight out of the renowned Star Wars movies such as "The Rise of Skywalker" and "Rogue One" (and let's not forget the classic film "Lawrence of Arabia").

Observe the famous rock formations, including the legendary Seven Pillars of Wisdom, while discovering fascinating insights about the captivating geology that shapes this area.

Conclude your exhilarating Jeep Safari as daylight fades, ensuring that you bask in the indelible splendor of a Wadi Rum sunset, an experience that will stay with you forever.

Overnight stay: Wadi Rum

After breakfast, you’ll have the day to explore and discover Petra to your heart’s content. 

The prime attraction Is Al Dayr - The Petra Monastery. This incredible structure is located on a nearby hill, and the way there is stunning.

Then enjoy mesmerizing landmarks such as the Petra Great Temple with its columns and decorations, see the ancient Byzantine Church, visit Qasr Al Bint Temple - thought to be a palace built for the biblical Pharaoh's daughter, and check out the Mysterious Urn Tomb

Find handmade gifts at the local Bedouin Market, hike along the towering cliffs, and take amazing pictures of the entire site. Many visitors like to finish their day at the Petra Museum, to learn how these splendid relics shaped Nabatean culture over time. 

Depart from Ramon Airport Eilat to Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv after your truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Guaranteed departure - makes your trip planning much easier and gives you complete peace of mind
Combine your trip to Israel with Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan
Join the tour and enjoy a high-quality touring experience for a fair price
Travel in comfort with an air-conditioned and well-equipped vehicle
A Night of Glamping in an authentic Bedouin camp
Explore the beautiful Wadi Rum and take an awesome Jeep Safari tour
Visit the Incredible Lost Nabataean City of Petra
2 fully guided tour days with a local, qualified, and licensed tour guide plus a free day of exploration
Authentic Lunch and Dinner, including special Bedouin Grill



Accommodations and Prices

Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Magic Rum Camp
Address: Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Venus Hotel Petra
Address: Wadi Musa
  • The price shown is per person in double room.
  • A single supplement of 160 will apply for choosing 1 adult.
  • High Season supplement will apply in Holidays and Summer Time.
  • The hotels might be replaced with similar ones due to lack of availability.
Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Magic Rum - Martian Tent
Address: Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Sella Hotel Petra
Address: Wadi Musa
  • The price shown is per person in double room.
  • A single supplement of 225 will apply for choosing 1 adult.
  • High Season supplement will apply in Holidays and Summer Time.
  • The hotels might be replaced with similar ones due to lack of availability.
Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Magic Rum - Martian Tent
Address: Wadi Rum
1 Nights
Old Village Resort Petra
  • The price shown is per person in double room.
  • A single supplement of 240 will apply for choosing 1 adult.
  • High Season supplement will apply in Holidays and Summer Time.
  • The hotels might be replaced with similar ones due to lack of availability.

Additional Information

The Tour Includes:

  • A round-trip flight from Ben Gurion Airport to Ramon Airport in Eilat
  • A fully qualified and licensed Jordanian tour guide
  • Overnight accommodation in Wadi Rum (HB) and Petra (BB)  
  • Entrance fees to Petra
  • Lunch in an authentic local restaurant on the second day
  • Transport by a modern air-conditioned vehicle

The Tour Does Not Include:

  • Transportation to/from the Ben Gurion Airport
  • Visa issuing and border fees
  • Health insurance
  • Beverage
  • Optional boating and private beach fees in Aqaba


  • The tour operates in English. Other languages are available for an additional cost; contact us for details. 
  • Be punctual; don't be late to the designated pick-up location (we recommend arriving 15 minutes earlier)
  • Border crossing includes border control and customs, a process that may take up to an hour.
  • A valid passport is essential. Passport details are required for the tour reservation process.
  • Holders of Israeli passports must use them at every border crossing during the tour.
  • Travelers of certain nationalities will require visas in advance. See the complete list in the FAQ section.
  • Be prepared to pay the border fees (USD/EU/NIS) directly to the Jordanian border authorities. Have the exact amount ready to avoid any inconvenience; Fees will be $65 upon border crossing and $15 as you return to Israel.
  • Don't forget your swimsuit: Optional beach activities in Aqaba include a 3-hour boat tour and snorkeling (extra $75), or entrance to a private beach area with a pool and a Jacuzzi ($25). 
  • Special Events: The archeological park offers a special activity - Petra By Night - a dazzling candlelight spectacle that takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 20:30 in front of the Treasury. You can sign up for it at the park, for $25. 
  • This tour will have a late Lunch on the first day, so we recommend that you have breakfast before departure.
  • You'll have some free time on the second day to enjoy the park's attractions at your own pace and plan your third day.
  • The confirmation of the tour depends on flight availability. You will receive the booking confirmation once your flight is booked. In case you don’t receive it within 72 hours, please contact our Operations Office at or  or +972-3-5422000 and  +972-52-6588837 (WhatsApp)
  • We recommend that you wear warm clothing in winter, a hat in summer, and comfortable walking shoes.
  • This tour isn't suitable for children under 2.
  • Booking is subject to terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% charge for notification up to 2 days or more before the start time of the tour.
  • 100% charge for notification of a day or less before the start time of the tour.


Petra tours are guided in English. There is an option for other languages at an additional fee - contact us for details.

Tourists crossing the border into Jordan from Israel are required to have a visa. The tour company will assist you in the border crossing process, which could take over an hour. While making its best to speed up the procedure, the company isn't responsible for rare, unexpected delays.  

Please note: not all nationalities are eligible to receive a Jordanian visa at the border! Some nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained before travel. Make sure to contact the Jordanian diplomatic mission in your country well in advance to receive the necessary approvals, if you are of the following nationalities:

Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameron, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Djibouti, Equatorial Ghana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zaire, and Zambia.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen.

South and Central America:
Belize and Cuba. 

For more details: Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Jordan

Absolutely, we can store your suitcase in the luggage compartment of the vehicle.

The tour includes transportation from the departure point to the border and to Petra and back; entrance to Petra; lunch, and a guided tour by a local guide. If your tour includes Wadi Rum as well, it will also include accommodations: a night of glamping in an awesome Bedouine desert resort. If you also stay a night at Petra, your tour will include a lovely hotel right next to the Petra Archeological Park.