Um Fruth Rock Bridge

About this place

The Um Fruth rock bridge is one of Wadi Rum's most famous spots: a rocky arch molded by wind and water over eons until it looks just like an elevated walkway, 15 meters high. Don't even think about missing this great photo op. 

History of the Um Fruth rock bridge

Jordan is famous for amazing things ancient cultures created within nature, such as the Nabatean Lost City of Petra – a beautiful capital, all carved into red canyon walls. But the Um Fruth rock bridge is 100% natural: Water and wind grind the rock's basis, so it gradually dissolves.

The famous Rock Bridge (by Thraen CC BY-SA 4.0)

In time, water sources can dry out or change course due to seismic activity or human involvement such as dams, and this is how we get stone arches like the Um Fruth rock bridge.

How do you get to the Um Fruth rock bridge? 

The Bridge is located in the southeast part of the Wadi Rum reserve, about 4km west of the famous Burdah Rock Bridge. Most Wadi Rum Tours will take you there by Jeep, Camel, or on foot. 

Is it Hard to Climb the Um Fruth rock bridge?

The climb isn't difficult, but still won't be suitable for small children and the differently abled. Note that there are no safety ropes around, but the rock is both wide and stable – so just watch your step.