Is it Safe to Travel to Jordan? (2023 UPDATE)

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/25/2023

Is Jordan a safe destination for tourists? how about families with young kids? and lone women? How helpful are the local police? Our updated field research has all the answers

When we’re asked ‘Is travelling to Jordan safe?’ we answer, unequivocally, ‘you bet’. How can we tell? because we don’t just offer day trips to Petra from Israel and overnight trips for tourists: many of our staff, friends and family travel across the border too.  And if it’s not safe for us, then why would we advise you to travel there?

Let’s take a closer look at what travelling in Jordan entails, and why you can feel confident in booking a trip there, whether it’s simply to Petra or a wider tour of the country, taking in Wadi Rum, Amman and Jerash.

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel
Is it safe to visit Petra? Sure it is

General Safety in Jordan

First of all, we’re happy to say that violent crime is extremely rare when travelling around Jordan. Occasionally, a visitor will have to cope with an incident of petty theft, just like in any other tourist destination around the world. Luckily, there’s a wide police presence in most parts of Jordan; Locals appreciate the safety and they feel you should too.

Moreover, the Jordanian police themselves are capable and anxious to help any traveller in trouble.  So if you follow some common sense rules (be respectful if you’re near a mosque, choose long pants over shorts if in doubt, and don’t eat food or drink beverages in public when Muslims are fasting during Ramadan), you will be fine.

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel- Jordan Police Patrol
Jordan Police Patrol (by Dickelbers CC BY-SA 3.0)

Is it safe for families to travel to Jordan?

If we know one thing, it’s that Jordanians love foreign children and will welcome your kids with open arms. Middle Eastern culture is strongly family-oriented and it’s quite normal to take your children everywhere with you, even out to restaurants in the evening.

Jordanians (and also Israelis) are no strangers to family-friendly vacation plans and accommodation is bound to be equipped with cots, high-chairs and the like. Moreover, guides, hotel staff and taxi drivers are all consistently helpful when it comes to meeting the needs of the younger members of the trip.

Bringing your kids to Jordan is more than a good vacation idea - it’s actually educational.  After all, this is a country full of history and archaeology, not to mention the natural beauty of the desert. What better way to capture your child’s imagination than by showing them the Middle East in person, not via a book or laptop screen? 

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel- You can take the whole bunch

You can take the whole bunch

Is there a great deal of crime in Jordan?

No. There might be incidents of petty theft, and irritating panhandlers - but this is par for the course on any vacation. Attentive Police officers are present in most parts of the country and make sure every visitor will get the best possible service and protection.

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel-  And the Camels won't bite
Crime? Not more than in other countries. And the Camels won't bite

Is it safe for women to travel to Jordan?

Yes! Many women travel to Jordan each year, both on organised trips and independently, and will tend to tell you that they felt comfortable the entire time. Particularly in more touristy areas, such as Petra and Wadi Rum (did you know Star Wars movies were shot there?), you will see many people on vacation, in all probability quite a lot of them speaking English too! 

It’s always a good idea, however, for women to dress modestly in Jordan. This doesn’t mean putting on a burka, by the way!  Rather, to avoid any unwanted attention, choose clothing that is loose and covers the arms and legs and wear a hat/sunglasses.  This isn’t just to ward off intrusive starring either - it will protect you from sunburn! 

The key, as a woman travelling in the Middle East, is to always be aware of your surroundings and show cultural sensitivity. If you were in Tel Aviv for a day or two, it would be easy to put on a short dress and go out on the town alone. That may not work quite as well elsewhere. Nevertheless, we’re happy to say that, with a little common sense and awareness of local customs, any woman can travel safely in Jordan.

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel- Visit Petra worry-freeVisit Petra worry-free

Is it safe to travel to Jordan solo / independently?

An increasing number of people are travelling to Jordan alone, and almost all of them will tell you they had no problems. English is widely spoken in the capital and in tourist areas like Petra and Wadi Rum. Buying a visa for Jordan is usually possible on the border itself and finding a taxi or using a public minibus to get around, once you’ve arrived, is not difficult.

What you should bear in mind, however, is that travelling solo in Jordan is not necessarily going to save you time or money.  Whilst you can book accommodation online and find local restaurants at which to eat, you won’t have the services of a guide (who knows the area well) and, in the event of a medical mishap, bad weather (which may close roads) or any emergency, you will have to cope alone, which can be frustrating and exhausting.

Reasons you should visit Wadi Rum from Israel- You can do it alone
You can do it alone. But why would you?

Moreover, travelling alone isn’t much cheaper than booking an organised trip to Jordan, because the company you use will take care of visa requirements, and entry fees to places like Petra and have accommodation lined up for you.  Indeed, many people who book a trip to Petra rave about the Bedouin campsites they stay in (which are pretty glamorous, with excellent local food and mink blankets to keep you warm at night).

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference and whilst we would say that a solo traveller should feel safe travelling around Jordan, the convenience of an airconditioned bus with a knowledgeable guide, and everything is done for you, actually lends a feeling of security to the trip.

Enjoy your trip to Jordan - and tag us here at Bein Harim Tours on Instagram, if you would like us to share your photos.   

Happy travels!