7 Best Thai Restaurants in Tel Aviv [Taste Tested in 2023]

By Sarah Mann | Published on 11/26/2023

Israel’s a foodie destination, no doubt about it - and not because of its incredible array of local dishes people love to check. In the last decade or so there’s been an explosion in Asian cuisine, particularly in Tel Aviv, which is renowned for its trendy restaurant scene and ‘push the boat out’ food concepts.  

And it’s Thai food that really seems to attract diners - with its complex flavors, a perfect balance of herbs and spices, and low-fat content, it’s a cuisine no one’s getting tired of.

So if you’re looking for some of the best Thai restaurants when visiting Tel Aviv, read on. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet fare in upscale surroundings or simple street food to grab and go whilst on a Tel Aviv tour, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to the Thai food in Tel Aviv that you don’t want to miss.  

1. Thai House Restaurant, Central Tel Aviv (Bograshov Beach)

Fantastic food and a vibrant atmosphere make the Thai House restaurant in Tel Aviv an institution and an excellent place to head for lunch or dinner. A stone’s throw from the beach, they serve up authentic food that doesn’t try to be sophisticated but is incredibly tasty- and not too costly either.

The Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Thai House Restaurant (image: the official Thai House website)

You can’t go wrong with anything you order, but highly recommended dishes include the Pia Pahd Unchai (strips of stir-fried sea bass with ginger, shitake mushrooms, and bean sprouts), Gaeng Jiao Waan (green coconut milk curry with eggplant, basil, and lime) the Neua Tun soup (with beef beck, bok choy and celery) and their Pahk Bong Moo Krop (crispy pork belly with spicy peppers).   

Walk off the calories afterward on the Tel Aviv beach promenade (‘tayelet’) or take a stroll along the famous Dizengoff Street, just a minute's walk in the other direction.

2. Taizu Restaurant, Business District

Acclaimed chef Yuval Ben Neria opened Taizu in 2013 after journeying through South East Asia and has been wowing diners ever since, with his creative, elegant dishes. As a result, not only is it tough to get a table here but it’s pricey- nevertheless, it’s a real dining experience and the creations you’ll sample are quite extraordinary.

Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Taizu Restaurant (image: the official Taizu website)

The Taizu ‘concept’ is based on the five Chinese elements- water, fire, metal, earth, and wood and we’d recommend either the tasting menu or shareable plates.  From the spicy Thai salad and lemongrass-infused steak to crab curry and betel shrimp, and an excellent wine list, you; 'll be in heaven.  Finish with their ‘mango ball’ dessert - you won’t regret it.  Taizu is certainly not cheap, but it is a real experience.

3. Nam, Old North (close to Metzitzim Beach)

On Tel Aviv’s famous Dizengoff Street, in the ‘Old North’ neighborhood, Nam is famous for its friendly service and great atmosphere, not to mention delicious (and, if you want it, very hot!) food. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and always ready to advise, and the simple but attractive decor (with ceiling fans swooshing above you in high summer) leaves you relaxed, from the moment you take your seat.

Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe NAM Restaurant (image: the official NAM website)

Dishes you have to try include the spicy papaya salad, noodles with beef and broccoli, Pad Kra Pow (a national dish), and their famous ‘jungle’ curry (not for the fainthearted!). Nicely blended cocktails, fruity desserts, and many vegetarian and vegan options make this one not to miss.   Booking in advance is essential.  Afterward, perhaps take a stroll in the Park HaYarkon or the Namal port.

4. Tiger Lily, Sarona

For a real taste of the Far East, Tiger Lily in the Sarona Market (Israel’s largest indoor food market) is worth checking out. Using freshly-caught fish and seasonal produce, it’s a trendy place where the menu changes regularly and you can sit at the bar, watching your food be cooked before you.

best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Tiger Lilly Restaurant (image: the official Tiger Lilly website)

Try their sour fish soup with lemongrass, chili, and shallots or their shrimp pancakes…for mains, the green curry with chicken is a winner and the classic Pad Thai, but with tofu, is a good choice for veggies.  The cocktails (all Asian-inspired) are divine - try the ‘Coconut of Bangkok’ (rum, triple sec, grenadine, tapioca, and coconut milk).   

Afterward, take a stroll around the Sarona Complex (the area was built by German Templars in the mid-19th century and has been beautifully renovated, complete with gardens and a lily pond).  

5. Jasia, Old Jaffa

Situated in the heart of Old Jaffa, in a charming stone building, Jasia serves beautifully prepared Asian fusion cuisine, and Thai food lovers will not be disappointed because not only are the portions generous but the flavors are complex. Think spicy fried shrimp with glass noodles, warm mushroom salad, spicy massaman curry, and coconut jelly desserts are all fantastic, and since it’s an Asian fusion restaurant, you can mix and match with dim sum, gyoza, and sushi.

The Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Jasia Restaurant (image: the official Jasia website)

Jasia also has a bar that offers premium Asian liquor, and delicious desserts (try the coconut jelly). They have outdoor seating, which is perfect on hot summer evenings, and the staff are exceptionally warm and welcoming.  And since Jaffa is one of the most sought-after sites on any trip to Tel Aviv, take a walk around the area afterward- walk through the famous Jaffa port, through the Artists’ Quarter, and finish your evening at the Ottoman Clock Tower.

6. Kab Kem, Business District

In Thai, ‘Kab Kem’ means a meeting between friends or family, bound up in celebrations or enjoyment of leisure time, and you’ll get this vibe when visiting this restaurant, which is a spin-off from their sister restaurant, Thai House (see above). Take your time when you come here; you can choose between ‘bites’ with drinks (if you’re not too hungry) or the full menu experience, but whatever you end up going with, expect intense flavors and live music at this buzzy, casual joint.  

The Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Kab Kem Restaurant (image: the official Kab Kem website) 

Dishes we’d recommend at Kab Kem include white fish with tamarind in banana leaves, pork belly slices, shrimp with chili, and mint and tofu skewers.  Bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and will even make cocktails for you that aren’t on the menu. For dessert, it just has to be the pineapple crème Brule. Oh, and if you order before 7:30 pm, it’s 20% off your bill…so what are you waiting for?

7. Eisan Thai, Carmel Market

Finally, if you’re looking for authentic Thai flavors that won’t break the bank, then take a trip to Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market, where you'll find ‘Eisan’. This is a local restaurant, with simple decor, it’s located just behind the main market, close to the Yemenite Quarter. As well as the fun neighborhood vibe, Eisan’s helpful staff, extensive menu, and generous portions make it endlessly popular with young Israelis who’ve just returned from trips to the Far East and are craving a taste of Bangkok.  

The Best Thai Restaurants in Tel AvivThe Eisan Restaurant (image: the official Eisan website)

Everything on the menu is great, but we’d particularly recommend the coconut soup with shrimp, the saku (little tapioca parcels, stuffed with mushroom or meat), red coconut curry with vegetables, and Gai Pad King (chicken stir fry with ginger). Afterward, stroll around the area (full of cafes, bars, and the market itself) and if you’re a foodie, perhaps take a Carmel Market Food Tour (which doesn’t feature Thai restaurants but will give you a taste of the Middle East!)