Yarkon National Park

About this place

The Yarkon National Park is conveniently located for easy access if you are staying in Tel Aviv. The main feature of the Yarkon National Park is the Yarkon River that runs from the Rosh Ha'Ayin springs through Tel Aviv to the Mediterranean. The park is split into two parts – the Yarkon river source and Afek forming a green lung in Israel's densely populated central region and a natural border between the Sharon region and the southern coastal plain.

Afek Section of the Yarkon National Park

The Afek area has a circular walking route marked out by squill trees which takes you past many interesting natural and archaeological sites. You can follow a trail from Tel Afek to the source of the Yarkon (Makorot HaYarkon) passing lily ponds with lush vegetation. There is an artificial lake and although bathing is prohibited you can enjoy the adjacent paddling pools.

Explore the Antipatris Fort dating back to the 16th century during the Ottoman-era. The fort once protected the passage connecting the Shomron hills to the sources of the Yarkon. The surrounding marshes were once part of the Via Maris, Roman road that traversed the country. There is a British Mandate-era water pumping station complete with filtering pools and a structure that housed British officers guarding the water source. The Winter Pool is a habitat for amphibians, crustaceans and water insects.

Yarkon Springs Area of the Yarkon National Park

You can walk along the banks of the Yarkon River and take in the views from wooden piers that jut out above the water. The walk takes you past a number of abandoned agricultural facilities used in days gone by to take advantage of the river, like the Ottoman-era Al-Mir flour mill; the pumping buildings and Kasser farm.

Other highlights of this part of the Yarkon Park include the Romantic Path, covered by plants and vines which leads to the Concrete House, the first structure in Israel built of concrete in 1912 and used as a pumping station. Other historic structures within the park include the remains of a railway station built for the Palestine Railway line in 1922. There is also a British-era guardhouse or "pillbox" dating back to 1936 and used to protect the railway line and bridge. It is possible to spend the night within the park at the fenced-off night camping area where there are facilities available.

If you've taken this walk along the length of the Yarkon you'll arrive in Tel Aviv's magnificent Yarkon Park where there are specialty gardens; places of entertainment; cafes and expansive lawns. Continue on a little further and you'll reach Tel Aviv's Old Port and seafront promenade. Group tours don't usually cover this great park but you could take a private tour of Tel Aviv area and see the length of the Yarkon River.

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