The Best Sunset Spots in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/1/0001

There are few things more glorious than a beautiful sunset - and if you’re visiting Israel’s most lively city, you’re in for a treat because it’s full of great places to watch day turn to night.

From some of Tel Aviv’s top beaches to the Jaffa port, and from urban skylines to iconic downtown hangouts, you can’t go wrong in choosing your ‘end of day spot’ because this is a city that has a little bit of everything, with beautiful sunsets to be had at every turn.

Sunset Times in Tel Aviv

As for sunset time in Tel Aviv: when should you get there? Well, that clearly depends on the time of year. 

In spring, with days long and weather perfect (lots of sun but little humidity), you’re looking at between 5.45pm in March to 7.45 pm in May. 

In the height of summer, sunset is close to 8pm in mid June and by end August at 7.15 pm.

Fall times range from anywhere between 6.30 pm in September to 4.30 pm in November. And by winter, the days are short so make sure you’ve arrived by 4pm in December and 5.30 pm in February.

So, without further ado, let’s answer the big question - where are the best places to watch the sunset in Tel Aviv? Here are seven spots we think you can’t go wrong visiting. The only thing is, you might not have enough days to try them all!

1. Hilton Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect Mediterranean sunset, then Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach has got to be one of the best places to head. Set in a small cove, near the Hilton Hotel, it’s the non-official gay beach of the city, and it’s secluded, quiet and serene with white sand, clear water that laps gently and lovely views to boot.

The Hilton Beach is also famous for surfing and kayaking (it’s easy to rent equipment, if you’re feeling adventurous) and the iconic rainow-coloured structures are the perfect place to sit and take shade, if you arrive in the heat of the day, before the sun goes down. You can also grab a coffee or beer at Bayz Bar, where there are sun loungers - on shabbat, there’s also a DJ so you can watch the sun go down to the beats of some chilled music.

2. Tel Aviv Harbour (Namal)

The Tel Aviv Port/Harbour (the ‘Namal’ in Hebrew) is a fantastic place to sit as the sun goes down - one of the city’s top attractions, it fell into decline in the 1950’s but 25 years ago underwent a huge ‘facelift’ - the regeneration project included the conversion of enormous hangers into spaces for shops (selling international brands), a wide range of restaurants and some well-known nightclubs.

There’s a gourmet indoor market at the Namal too (think homemade pasta, specialty breads and delectable oysters), a carousel for kids and a magnificent boardwalk, along which you can stroll. It really is an exceptional spot at which to enjoy a Tel Aviv sunset - just bear in mind that it can get crowded, particularly at the weekends since it’s one of the top family-friendly attractions in Israel.

3. Gordon/Frishman Beach

Another Tel Aviv beach sunset spot that we’d highly rate is either at the Gordon or Frishman beach (which sit next to each other). At Gordon beach, there’s actually an outdoor pool (you can purchase a day pass) and volleyball nets on the sand where you’ll see plenty of toned locals enjoying themselves and staying in shape too!

Continuing on from Gordon, you’ll hit Frishman beach which is always crowded but no less worth a visit. It has some lovely beach cafes where you can sit with a drink, curl your toes in the sand if you like, and watch the sunset. 

Afterwards, if you’re hungry, head to the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff for some falafel, shawarma or sabich - different kinds of Israeli street food you should definitely try whilst in the country.

4. Jaffa Harbour

Old Jaffa has an illustrious history, stretching back to Biblical times, and its seaport is the oldest in the world - about 4,000 years old! The harbour in Jaffa boasts fabulous views of the Mediterranean sea and as you walk along, you’ll see local fisherman, sitting patiently waiting for a catch, as well as boats setting off for tours around the bay and musicians playing the guitar and the Oud (a classical Arabic instrument). 

The Jaffa port has really made a comeback in recent years, and its overhaul has made it a big tourist destination, filled with restaurants and cafes, and the nearby Artists Quarter, where you can wander narrow cobbled streets and explore artisan jewelry studios, ceramics workshops and art galleries. Yes, Jaffa Port is the perfect place to watch the sunset in Israel for anyone fascinated by history.

 5. Abrasha Park

Above the Jaffa port sits Abrasha Park, which is another great spot for watching the sun turn from yellow to orange to red. It’s a small space but beautifully maintained (with lots of benches and garden areas where you can sit and relax as day turns to night) and because it's the highest point in the area, from here you have phenomenal views north towards Tel Aviv.

Don’t miss the Gates of Faith statue depicting three famous scenes from the Hebrew Bible, as well as a walk over the Wishing Bridge, (with bronze statues of the twelve zodiac signs) then a wander inside St. Peter’s Church (its interiors are reminiscent of a European-style cathedral). There’s also the famous flea market (open until 2pm)  nearby. The entire area is packed with history, architecture and Levantine culture, and we think the best way to see this area is by taking a Jaffa walking tour.

6. Azrieli Observatory

Looking for a downtown sunset? Then head to the Azrieli Towers, in the heart of Tel Aviv’s business district for sunset views from high up. The complex has three towers - Square, Triangle and Round - and in the Round building you’ll find the highest observatory in the Middle East.

Pay your 40 NIS at the reception then be whisked up to the 49th floor by a super-fast elevator. At the top, you’ll have panoramic views that on a clear day will allow you to see all the way north to Haifa and south to Ashkelon. You can even rent a telescope, if just gazing at the sunset isn’t enough for you! 

7. Dizengoff Square

Finally, whilst it’s not the beach, nor a skyscraper, there’s nothing like watching the sun go down whilst hanging out with the locals at Dizengoff Square, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Situated in the heart of the famous and bustling Dizengoff Street, the square has been beautifully renovated, and as well as the fountain in the middle, there are chairs where you can sit and just soak up the atmosphere. 

Even better, once the sun has set, you can grab cocktails at nearby Spicehaus or Concierge, before enjoying dinner at one of the many top restaurants Tel Aviv boasts. Or take a stroll south up to Ha Bima square, then stroll down European-style Rothschild Boulevard, full of renovated Bauhaus buildings and lovely cafes and bars.

If you’re travelling to Israel and want to make the most of your time in the country, we offer a wide range of day trips, which can take you from Jerusalem and the Dead Sea/Masada fortress, to the Crusader city of Akko, the pastoral hills of the Galilee and the lush and dramatic Golan Heights.

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