The Best Pizza in Tel Aviv [Taste-Tested!]

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/27/2024

It’s sometimes hard to imagine that three simple ingredients - flour, water and yeast - made into a dough and then topped with juicy tomatoes and cheese could wow the world as it does. But pizza makes the ‘top five favorite foods’ list of so many and, in Tel Aviv, like the rest of the world, everyone’s on the hunt for the best slice.

Luckily, it’s not just the top restaurants in Tel Aviv where you can eat well because this is a city that’s raised its pizza game in the last few years. So whether you’re looking for special sourdough recipes, gourmet pizzas with incredible toppings, or a simple New York-style slice, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s our guide to the best pizza in every corner of Tel Aviv:

1. Lila

If you love pizza, but you hate waiting in line, then swallow your hatred because they don’t take reservations at Lila but the wait is truly worth it. Located in Florentine, close to the hip and happening Levisty Market - one of the best markets in Tel Aviv - it’s popular both with locals and international visitors - not just because of its tasty pizzas but its relaxed and friendly vibe.

best pizza in tel avivGreat ingredients, great pizza

Our team of eaters has to recommend two particular creations - the bacon and maple and the onion jam pizza! Their ‘personal’ sizes are big, with crunchy Neapolitan dough, and there are plenty of veggie toppings and vegan cheese options too. For dessert, order their ice cream or a piece of their homemade chocolate cake.  Lila’s is always crowded, but once you’ve tried it you will become a convert.

2. Nono Angelo

It’s authentic as it comes at Nono Angelo in Tel Aviv’s Old North (a minute’s walk from the Hilton beach) where two brothers (born and raised in Italy) serve up tasty thin-crust pizza in a warm and welcoming environment.  

best pizza in tel avivNono Angelo Pizza (Image source: The official Nono Angelo website)

Whether you plump for the marguerite, the artichoke, and mushroom or one with vegan cheese, you’ll feel good afterward... they also serve salads, pasta, risotto, and delicious appetizers in the form of arancini and mozzarella sticks, for anyone that’s come with an appetite.

With old-style charm and plenty of Italian music and atmosphere, linger a while, with some dessert and an espresso, sit outside and people watch and just for a moment you’ll feel that you’re in Rome! Just bear in mind that Nono Angelo is a kosher dairy spot (so no meat toppings) and therefore closed on the Jewish sabbath.

3. HaPIzza

This local spot on lively Bograshov Street, in downtown Tel Aviv, has had a tried and tested reputation for pizza since it opened in 2007, and the fact that it’s always packed is testimony to this. With its open kitchen and chefs twirling up their dough in front of you, take your pick of veggie pizzas (no meat toppings), homemade pasta, healthy salads, and fabulous offerings for those with a sweet tooth.

best pizza in tel avivHapizza (Image source: The official Hapizza website)

Ha Pizza is hip and happening, and you’ll probably have to wait about for a table to open up but with friendly but fast service, it shouldn’t be longer than 15-20 minutes, and - trust us - it’s well worth the wait. This is a quality ‘feel good’ spot that’s perfect for a date night - thin-crust pizza, a glass of chianti, and chocolate cake for dessert. What more could anyone ask for?

4. The Green Cat

For anyone vegan who has a hankering for pizza but without the dairy on top, there’s no place better to head than the Green Cat in south Tel Aviv. This cool little joint which plays hip music, and has a very laid-back vibe, is determined not to make you feel you’ve missed out, by using a very good cashew ‘mozzarella’ cheese atop its slices and pies, which is so good, many say they can’t tell it’s vegan!

the best pizza in tel avivThe Green Can (Image source: The official Green Cat website)

The Green Cat uses high-end ingredients for its toppings, which include sweet potato, seitan strips (in place of pepperoni), and red onions and if you order a pie, you can put different toppings on each half. Service is friendly, the beer is on tap, and for those with a sweet tooth, they offer a vegan ice cream bar (our tip: try the malabi flavour). Next door is the Levontin 7, a bit of an alternative venue that has live music several times a week, so you can eat and enjoy some free entertainment at the same time—a must-visit.

5. La Tigre

Get yourself down to south Tel Aviv to this if you love baked-to-order pizzas with fantastic sauce and a light dough (left to rise for 72 hours!) that’s specially fermented to form unique ‘tiger spot’ bubbles around the crust.  

La Tigre has a casual, informal ambiance with great Italian vibes - from the appetizers (sweet potato) to the drinks (think Aperol spritz and limonello) and serves unique flavor combinations, including the ‘Carbonara’ and pistachio with mortadella.

best pizza in tel avivLa Tigre Pizza (Image source: The official Le Tigre website)

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options too and if you’ve still got room afterward, try their roasted pineapple served with coconut ice cream.  It’s incredible.

6. Tony Vespa

Tony Vespa has been around for a long time and a reason - it always comes up with the goods, in the form of pizza by the slice which is priced by weight. Whether you’re craving a few bites or want to indulge, just pick your toppings and tell them when to cut. The scales will tell you what you owe! And because their branches are on Rothschild Boulevard and Sarona (full of cocktail bars), it’s a great place to head if you’ve got the munchies.

best pizza in tel avivTony Vespa Pizza (Image source: The official Tony Vespa website)

Fresh, tasty, thin-crust slices are what you’ll get - from veggie to meat options, it’s all delicious and perfect for a ‘grab and go’ since there’s not much outside seating. We’d recommend the four-cheese bianca, or the sheep’s cheese and olives, but anything you choose will probably hit the spot.  Not cheap, but from the crowds chomping on the sidewalk, you’ll know you’re going to be happy.

7. Philippe

Phillipe has to be included in this list because what they serve up is simply fantastic and consistently raved about by almost everyone in Tel Aviv who knows what good pizza is. A stone’s throw from the Cinematheque, it’s got a reputation for ‘gourmet’ creations and once you try one, you’ll understand why.

the best pizza in tel avivA great place to grab a bite with your friends

Baked in a wood-burning oven, expect thin crusts and all kinds of toppings-from Merguez sausages to soft cheeses and a host of fabulous vegetables. Service is friendly and you can sit inside or outside. Our tip: try their ‘eggplant and pecan’ creation - it’s to die for - and if you have room for dessert, it's got to be the creme brulee.

8. Har Sinai

And back to south Tel Aviv, Har Sinai is a lively little spot to grab a slice (or something bigger) if you find yourself hungry in Florentin after midnight. They serve huge slices (and we mean huge - almost the size of two normal slices) for 19 NIS, with five to six different toppings to choose from, and their sourdough crust is super tasty and the tomato sauce is sweet and flavorsome.

best pizza in tel avivThe Pepperoni is wonderful!

The line can be long since Florentin is known for its party scene (and we all know how much you can yearn for carbs as the night wears on) but the staff are efficient and you won’t wait too long.  There’s a small seating area outside or just stand on the sidewalk, along with the other revelers, and tuck in, washing things with a Red Stripe beer. Easily the best ‘grab and go’ option in this area after midnight proving that simple concepts are often the best!

9. Brooklyn

In the mood for some New York-style pizza? Then head over to one of the three branches of Brooklyn, which (as the name suggests) serves up huge slices of pizza that will leave you thinking you’ve crossed the Atlantic and are far from the White City.  

The toppings are incredible and generous - artichoke, pepperoni, ham, zucchini, beef (and many more) and all three of their locations are great for sitting outside and people-watching. The dough is made with love and care, the ingredients are fresh, they have a couple of vegan options and by Tel Aviv standards the prices are pretty affordable.

best pizza in tel avivBrooklyn Pizza (Image source: The official Brooklyn Pizza website)

Whether you order a slice or go with a group and buy a pie, washed down with a bottle of beer (or a glass of their iced tea) you won’t leave disappointed. 

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