All You Need to Know about Ben Gurion Airport

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/9/2018
2 min
Ben Gurion Airport has two terminals 1 is for domestic flights and for some budget airlines (Jet2 flights to Manchester and Easy Jet flights to Luton arrive in Terminal 3 but check-in for departure is done in terminal 1). Terminal 3 is the international terminal.

Visitors arriving in Israel pass though passport control, proceed to baggage claim and pass through customs. Travelers aged 17 and over are permitted to enter with no more than one quart (0.94 liters) of hard liquor, two quarts (1.89 liters) of wine, half a pound (226.79grams) of tobacco and no more than 6 pounds (2.72kg) of food.  You can bring in up to $200 worth of electrical goods and gifts. After passing customs you exit into the Arrivals Hall (Greeters’ Hall). Ben Gurion is located 40 minutes from Jerusalem and about 20 minutes from Tel-Aviv. Transport is readily available by rental car, taxi, bus and train. As you exit the Arrivals Hall you will see signs directing you to the various transport options.

Ben Gurion AirportOn leaving the country travelers should arrive at Terminal 3 three hours before their flight. There are 10 self-service check-in stations or you can check-in through the usual airline desks. Travelers will be asked pertinent security questions like “did you pack your own bag” and “did anyone ask you to take something onto the plane for them” and then you proceed to check-in.

After check-in and receiving your boarding pass you move through to the area where hand luggage is checked. You can then enter the duty-free area. Duty free is open 24/7 and is centered on a beautiful rotund with walkways leading off to the various departure gates. Israeli duty-free is one of the cheapest in the world! In the same area you will find money exchange points, children’s play areas, Xbox 360 game stations, smoking areas, a mother and baby room, post office, banks, a synagogue, restaurants and cafes. 

V.A.T. Refunds can be obtained from the Changeplace counter in the duty-free area or in the check-in area. If the goods are going to be packed in your checked-in luggage stored in the airplane hold then you can get your V.A.T. refund from a counter in the check-in hall. You will need to show the goods you have purchased and the receipts for them. The refund is given on goods valued at $100 or more and bought from stores registered with the Ministry of Tourism.

 Ben Gurion Airport Services available at the airport include baggage storage at the western parking lot on the ground floor; a first aid clinic open 24/7 near entrance 21 in the gallery of the Greeters’ Hall; information counters; 3 V.I.P. lounges; a police station in the parking lot opposite Terminal 1 and with posts in Terminal 3 Greeters’ Hall next to entrance 11 and public telephones operated by either Telecards or coins. Every effort has been made to make the airport accessible for wheelchairs and visually or hearing impaired. Ben Gurion offers free WiFi throughout the airport and there are free luggage trolleys.